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“Fishing, nights full of fire” is an entirely true statement. After all, I often did not sleep at night at school years and waited for another catch on the phone. The lights on the screen brightened up the room as well as a small fire near the tent in the woods. So with the sunset, a unique atmosphere filled my abode.

And in the morning in class, almost half of my classmates during the lessons played this fishing game. Do you need any more comments about this game’s place in the collection of teenagers’ applications from the 2000s?



The stock photos of lakes and rivers – that’s the whole game graphics. Okay, well, developers still had to draw a fishing rod. But such a minimalistic approach to textures does not reduce the pleasure of the process itself.


As with Gravity Defied, there is no sound at all. However, as you can see, it didn’t prevent these two games from becoming real legends of their time. Is it a coincidence?


As such, there’s no storyline. The goal of the game was to improve equipment and set records for the weight of the fish. I remember us bragging about each other at school about the weight of our catch. So here, size matters.

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I never thought I’d ever had to describe fishing simulator before. Well, life is full of surprises. So, it’s control by the joystick and the “5” key.

Accordingly, the first can choose the direction of the fishing rod throw, and the 5 can approve the choice and pull the fish when it bites the bait.


What can I add to the previous words? Maybe we can compare this game to a student dorm. Why? It’s simple. Folk wisdom says that who didn’t live in a dorm wasn’t a student.

And the wisdom of the Smart2000s knows that who did not play Russian Fishing – never was a schoolchild of the 2000s. At least in Ukraine. So in my school, that’s the exact right conclusion. Goodbye, friends. I’ll see you around!

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