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In the second part of Atari Masterpieces, we are going on a new journey into the world at the dawn of video games. The sponsor of our trip is Nokia N-Gage. The Finns are the ones who released that app in 2006. So this is one of the latest creations for the original N-Gage era.



Developers transferred the former picture very nicely and neatly. Even the tiniest details look clear. As in the first part, there are also videos of the interview with the company’s founder.

Nolan Bushnell, by the way, is Steve Jobs’ first employer. Being a creative fan of innovation himself, he talks about the Atari 2600, the Pong, and free games in the video.


The music in the menu background is genuinely excellent. Every track gives you the creeps. It feels awesome. After all, the songs themselves are not from Atari consoles and written exclusively for this N-Gage release.

As for the games themselves, they retain the original soundtrack. Same sounds and effects. Nothing to distract from the classic gaming experience.

Plus, speaking of Atari and music, I’d like to mention a video of Canada’s coolest band, Rush, for the song “Subdivisions.” The thing is, it’s got fragments of these famous slot machines. Although the video is quite severe, but the song sounds fun and electronic. It’s like the games themselves.


Like the last time, the collection includes twelve games. Eight are open from the start. The rest become available after reaching of necessary points in the initial games. Among the famous representatives include Pong and Canyon Bomber.

Ironically, my favorite game here is called Crystal Castles, just like one of my favorite music projects. I did not catch the original slot machines but visited the concert of that incredible electronic music band recently.

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The application is doing a great job. Namely, it immersed you in the 1970s and early 1980s in the gaming industry, when Atari dominated it with its legendary creations.

All of them have long occupied a worthy place in the chronology of video games. Is it worth saying that this collection has already left its mark in history too? By the way, let’s waiting for the same from Atari VCS.


Epochs are inexorably changing each other. It feels like Nokia recently created this Atari retrospective for N-Gage. And now I’m writing a similar one about Gaga itself…

Before we know it, Android with iOS will be history too. But another storyteller will tell you about it. So I say goodbye to you, friends. See you in new materials! Chao!

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