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Have you ever been to a gang lair? Well, “Stolen in 60 Seconds” will give you that opportunity. When I opened this app for the first time, I was surprised to see it licensed. I mean, the release is about a direct violation of the law.

However, I immediately remembered that developers built the good half of the games on such a foundation. So Herocraft and I aren’t calling for illegal actions. We’re just trying out our brains virtually in robberies.



The graphics in the game is pretty simple. However, since the developers focus on the intellectual part of the process, this point is not too principal. I will say more. There is a charm in this simplicity.

And the quality of the picture is quite enough to solve the daily affairs of the criminal world. Especially, drawn illustrations give an interesting flavor as the characters and locations.


The atmosphere of the gangster’s lair is quite well transmitting through the composition that plays in the game. Yeah, it’s only one on the menu. During a robbery, there’s also a separate music theme.

Sound effects include realistic clicks of open safes, doors, etc. Special symbolism consists in the rapturous calls of robbers during the seizure of other people’s goods.


For more than two dozen missions, the game offers to plunge into a world of illegal schemes and movements. Thanks to a list of thieving tools, you have to open and crack many different items.

For assistants, you will have available criminals of different kinds, specializations, and even life stories. Anyway, you’re sure not going to be bored.

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The release is one of the most complicated logic games that I have ever played. You will have to work hard to get enough profit after the robberies to buy instruments for the next job. For the sake of 100% possible revenue, you need to be a real master.

With each new task, the complexity increases significantly. The game genre is quite original because it is at the junction of the puzzle and strategy. Also, it is very successful in combining real-time modes with step-by-step planning.


“Stolen in 60 Seconds” will be a real find for fans of criminal sagas primarily for their thoughtfulness, not “coolness.” After all, thinking is not the last process even here.

I’m finishing for the day, friends. So I say goodbye and wish you a fascinating intellectual adventure in the spaces of Smart2000s. Have a nice day, everybody!

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