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Nokia, paying tribute to the pioneers of the gaming industry represented by Atari consoles, took up developing a collection of their classic releases for N-Gage. You should note that the influence of this company on the gaming world is really great. Who knows how the whole direction would have live now if it hadn’t been for this American company ruled in its time.

Atari Masterpieces for Nokia N-Gage is unique in that it is the first time in 20 years that it has assembled the presented here games in one place. Previously, it was impossible to run them in one application.



The picture is perfectly adapted from the original game machines and looks like a native. Same FPS, same special effects. In general, the developers have performed their idea pretty nicely.

There are also videos of interviews with Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari. He can be rightly considered the father of the video game industry. In them, he tells about the company, his favorite games, and the game world in general.


In the menu of the collection is catchy music, written especially for this release. Inside the games, the audio track is original and is a series of effects that perfectly convey the era’s former atmosphere. Just a few electronic sounds – and you are already in front of Atari 2600.


Many legendary games presented here have spawned a whole industry direction, for example, Tennis. It started from Atari Breakout.

There are no less famous Asteroids and Battle Zone (yes, friends, the Nintendo bestseller was a theme extension of this game). Well, the “great-grandson” of the last idea is now playing by modern youth. A total of eight games are available first. The other four are waiting to be open when you score the relevant points in the previous ones.

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Nokia tried to convey the classic gameplay as delicately and realistically as possible. Perhaps we can say that the Finns did it quite well. Their creation is not inferior in quality to its contemporary Atari Flashback.

Developers realized navigation on a good level. There’s no picking on it. The only thing that’s upsetting is the absence of the multiplayer. However, if you think logically, it becomes clear that this can not be implemented while saving the games’ original look. After all, Americans created the presented ones exclusively for a single person passing. Just remember it.


It would not be very reasonable to rate our today’s hero by general measures since this application has a very different goal. Yes, it’s not Atari VCS. But it perfectly shows how people used to have real fun by playing such simple games (as for new generation eyes, of course). And no one complained because there was no better.

So, folks, value what you have. It’s not just about the games. It’s about all the environment and the possibilities of the era we’re living in now. And most importantly, about the people. Have a nice day. I’ll see you very soon!

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