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Friends, such melodic category as “Albums,” I would like to start one of the brightest works in music history (as to my taste, of course). So, “Black Light” is one of the best Groove Armada albums I’ve managed to savor at the moment.

Click “Next” to savor other compositions from the album – all songs included in this playlist. So you can listen to “Black Light” online for free. Bon appetite 🙂

Yes, it had released in 2010. But the very recording was performed at the end of the previous year, so technically, it can still have classified as the 2000s. Especially since if it were released today, I’d still be talking about it here because it’s a masterpiece.

By the way, there is an alternative version of the album with the symbolic title “White Light.” I also highly recommend you to get acquainted with it as well. It had dominated by live recordings of songs from the main album.




The work had filled with synthesizers of the eighties, live instruments, guest vocalists unlike each other. It’s a benchmark for an electronic music album, in my opinion. When in headphones plays Groove Armada “Superstylin,” unlikely that you assume that these guys can write such stuff because the sound here is completely different. So prepare yourself for a big surprise.

If to touch specific genres, it is electronica with predominant notes of synthpop and disco. But they don’t sound like the titans of the French disco house. Unlike Justice or Daft Punk, here, the look of the king of the seventies is less “cut” and perceived more lively.

I wouldn’t make a discount on the fact that Brits wrote the instrumental parts in the studio. Not in the sequencer. After all, the representatives of the country of croissants lovers wrote their works in the same way. Here, most likely, such an effect is created by the features of selected synthesizers.

Incidentally, I would also experiment with live instruments if I had the opportunity to do so in my time. But that’s a different story.


I want to mark the appearance of Bryan Ferry right away! It’s a living legend of my favorite genres, the new wave, and glam-rock. You can hear his voice in “Shameless.” Though he is a native Englishman himself, he sang his part with a French accent quite organically.

“I Won’t Kneel” struck me with its emotional intensity and sniper-precise electronic samples between words. And “Cards to Your Heart” with piercing synthesizer batches makes my skin crawl.

The most popular song from the album was “Paper Romance.” For the first time, I heard it as a soundtrack to FIFA 11, and, basically, because of it, I started to be interested in the band’s works.

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Zest of the Album

It is difficult to identify one unique component of this work specifically. For sure, connoisseurs of electronic music will find here many interesting moments, which have no analogs.

To me, of course, that’s its untypical sound. There’s a lot of amazing flirtations with reverb and atmospheric pads. I don’t talk about synthesizer parts at all – here, they’re close to perfection. So, at the end, where else have you seen so many guest vocalists with quite contrasting styles of singing?

In Total

Since I opened all the cards at the beginning, there’s nothing super unexpected here. Groove Armada’s new album in the early ’10s became outstanding and can already be considered a true electronica classic. So I’m really happy for you if you haven’t listened to it yet. It is an indescribable pleasure to enjoy such a masterpiece for the first time.

So I invite you to listen to this wonder of the world of music. Now it’s time to say goodbye. So see you again, friends!

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