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I think a lot of people from my generation saw this short series as a kid. The main characters have exciting fairytale adventures there. If you are not yet familiar with this picture, I recommend it for watching. Here the cheerful atmosphere is intertwined with wisdom and mockery of several inherent phenomena in modern society: egoism, lust for profit, envy, revenge, etc.

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Friends, since I am focusing on the storyline and the map of kingdoms in this material, I suggest you walk very briefly through this section. So, we have the following cast:

  • Kimberly Williams as Virginia Lewis;
  • Scott Cohen as Wolf;
  • John Larroquette as Anthony “Tony” Lewis;
  • Dianne Wiest as Christine White;
  • Daniel Lapaine as Prince Wendell;
  • Rutger Hauer as The Huntsman;
  • Ed O’Neill as Relish, the Troll King;
  • and, of course, “nicely nice” three young trolls presented by Hugh O’Gorman, Dawnn Lewis, and Jeremiah Birkett.


The creators have designed the audio track down to the smallest detail. It refers to both the soundtrack and the sound effects. In addition to atmospheric music that takes you back to the Middle Ages, the hearing is pleased with various bells and other one-time sounds that accompany exciting events. For example, the use of mirrors for travel between kingdoms.

Similarly, I like the title theme of the serial. I especially remember when trolls come back from New York with a tape recorder and listen to the legendary hit from Bee Gees called “Night Fever.”

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The story begins in New York. In the central park, the heroes teleported to the Middle Ages, where they find the other nine locations (the Tenth Kingdom is the Big Apple itself). Interestingly, looking at the map of these lands is traced a clear hint of the real Europe.

Now, I want to make a preface before I go over each kingdom description. The fact is, the visual connection to the map of Europe is not the final thing. Funny links were often showing, which can hardly be called a simple coincidence. Of course, not everything here is saturating with such sarcasm, but it’s enough. I won’t point with my finger because, in my opinion, it would be more interesting if everyone analyzes for itself the list placed next.

I will only note that I made an analogy with real parts of the world by subjective impression, so my assumptions are not an axiom. On the other hand, this material does not pretend to be a categorically true vision of The 10th Kingdom TV show. Still, it merely provides amusing parallels between the particles of the fairytale scenario and the real world.

the 10th Kingdom Map

So, meet the First Kingdom – Mediterranean countries (except the Pyrenees). It’s ruling by Queen Cinderella. It is the oldest and most prosperous of the nine kingdoms. Inhabitants are arrogant and romantic, fall in love and marry at an alarming rate. Chronic divorces have led to an abundance of half-brothers and sisters. The kingdom is conservative, old-fashioned, and most friendly to all kinds of traditions. The 200-year-old Queen Cinderella is still alive. The official color is blue.

The Second Kingdom is Northwestern mainland Europe. It’s a land of wild forests where scary wolves roam. It’s full of bakers, cooks and gingerbread houses. The kingdom had divided into northern and southern parts. Queen Riding Hood III rules the northern part and Grettel the Great rules the southern part. Civil wars left the kingdom almost male, with young girls and their grandmothers becoming the majority of its population. The official color is chocolate. 

The Third Kingdom is locating on the Pyrenees Peninsula. Trolls and giants rule it. A long time ago, in these lands, Brave Jack planted a bean seed. Since then, the entire Third Kingdom has overgrown with huge beans. Age-old stems have sucked all the juices out of the ground, and so nothing else grows on it. Giants live in clouds. They are gradually dying out due to alcoholism and low birth rates. Trolls rule in a desolate land (in our parallel universe, it is already a densely populated place and is called the “Russian-speaking Internet,” but it’s a different story). It is a large and unhumanized kingdom with a military form of government.

The Fourth Kingdom – Central Europe (except Switzerland). It was in this kingdom that Snow White was once born and became Queen long ago. The current ruler is Prince Wendell, who remained in the shadow of Snow White. The evil Queen Christine Lewis poisoned his parents. The Fourth Kingdom is located in the middle of fabulous lands and borders all other kingdoms. This explains its strategic importance. The official color is green.

Russia is the 5th Kingdom. Since American scriptwriters love to brighten up these edges in all sorts of angles, the Fifth Kingdom is ruling by the Naked King VI. All kinds of excesses thrive here. The main occupation of the fat and greedy inhabitants of the kingdom is beer and sausage festivals. Lying and corruption are seen as entirely usual here. The official color is purple.

The 6th Kingdom is British and Irish Islands. Lady Rapunzel once ruled it. Its entire population, including Sleeping Beauty, was immersed in a dream many centuries ago, and no one can break this charms. A massive barbed wall surrounds the kingdom – only the smartest travelers can bypass and penetrate the many set traps. The official color is pink.

The 7th Kingdom – Northern Europe (except the northern part of the Scandinavian peninsula). Rulers are Elven Queen November and Elven King Olaf. Travelers can see this kingdom only at sunrise or at sunset. The elves have small wings on their backs. These charming creatures live on the banks of large lakes. By nature, they are neither friendly nor hostile. They are dressing in all the colors of the rainbow.

The northern part of the Scandinavian peninsula is the 8th Kingdom. The Snow Queen rules here. It is completely covering in snow and ice. Anger and cruelty reign here. By the rocky bays of the south, there are several fishing villages. The north is almost wholly wild. People here are incredibly hostile to strangers. They adore animals. The Snow Queen dreams of ruling all nine kingdoms. The official color is white.

Switzerland is the 9th Kingdom. Dwarves inhabit it. It is a world of underground tunnels and passages under the surface of all other kingdoms. Previously they were occupied by dragons. Now they contain Snow White’s tomb. Dwarves make special mirrors and are extremely suspicious. They do banking in all nine kingdoms. The only overground settlement is a small (but thriving) banking town. The Dwarves who have remained loyal to the late Snow White live in alliance with the Fourth Kingdom.

And finally, the USA is the 10th Kingdom. All inhabitants of the nine kingdoms know the legends of this mysterious land. Since then, the Joker Troll King children have infiltrated the travel mirror and found themselves in New York. After that, its existence is no longer a myth to all other kingdoms. It’s a country of high technology and overpopulated cities. In the serial, this kingdom has another name, the United States of America.


I’m still waiting for the 10th Kingdom sequel like a child. At least as a separate book. Well, and now about today’s article. With this material, I want to prove that looking for logical patterns is not always dull. It would be best if you came to such work with enthusiasm, and it will immediately turn into a fun and exciting activity.

So I wish analytical enthusiasm to you, friends. See you in new materials!

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