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Colin McRae gaming franchise has been blustering in the entertainment world for decades. During its history, gamers could enjoy different versions of the game on PC, Xbox, Play Station, etc. As you may guess, the owners of N-Gage were also lucky to savor such legendary creation.

So, Colin McRae Rally 2005 is a rally simulator (suddenly) with a great game engine, which realistically reflects your sports car’s behavior on the road. So it doesn’t have much in common with an arcade Asphalt. These are two different categories of games that their fans appreciate for the somewhat contrasting moments.



Yep, it’s not the classical car racing game since we don’t see other vehicles on the road. But we can feel an atmosphere of romantic fantasy, where we drive on different continents’ roads. By the way, they change with enviable regularity from asphalt to off-road.

The weather also changes from one track to another. Rain, snow, sun – desires of nature are just unpredictable. No weather forecaster will help predict the mood of the environment in the next race.

At the same time, our eyes are pleased by beautiful and detailed textures. There are even some light effects, for example, sunlight, which sparkles on a car.


Electronica compositions represent music in the menu of the mobile game. But when you are in drive action, the audio core consists only of the engine’s sound, the machine’s interaction with the road, and the navigator’s hints.


Colin McRae Rally 2005 invites us to test our strength in various racing championships. When all the stages had completed, Subaru WRX falls into our hands. It is the main prize in this rally simulator.

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A difference from the brainchild Gameloft is also a set of cars offered in the game. In Asphalt Urban GT, the king of mobile racing games, you can roll on concept cars and luxury cars. Here we have sixteen rally cars, divided into six classes. Each of them has its unique physics of road behavior.

As you have already understood from this N-Gage game review, the game’s highlight is the creators’ clear focus on the realism of the driving process. There is also a detailed manual adjustment of the handling of your car.

Besides, it displays all kinds of damage during the race. There are ten different types of breakdowns. Good for us, at the end of the competition, a player can repair everything.

The developers did not ignore the external environment as well. Driving in snowy weather brings essential corrections in control of the sports car. The same can be said about driving off-road and during the rain.

For example, if you go into a skid on a slippery road at a speed of over 50 miles per hour, you will lose grip and fly away to a nearby obstacle. In total, the game presents 64 tracks scattered across eight countries. And in the glorious tradition of the lion’s share of games for Nokia N-Gage, you can duel with friends via Bluetooth.


Excellent graphics, thought-out physics, variety of locations, and machines. All this made Colin McRae Rally 2005 one of the best mobile rally simulators of the 2000s phones era. So I highly recommend this game to fans of this genre.

That’s it for today, folks. See you in new materials. Bye, everybody!

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