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How many times have I launched our today’s guest… Super Miners is the kind of puzzle game that you enjoy over and over again. It always stays superb, no matter how many hours you spend with it.

Separately, I want to take my hat off to Infinite Dreams. After all, creating a game that never gets boring is a unique skill. Now let’s get started on reviewing our main course for today – bon appetit, my friends. Let’s go!



I don’t want to make you feel like I’m over-praising this release. However, the graphics do have a quality that rivals that of the computer games of the time. The rendering of the 2D world is so detailed and delightfully realized that the picture charms the eye.

It’s as if we had transported into a magical underground land, where reigns a logical adventure. Plus, on top of that, behold the tunnels with beautiful and changing textures. Models of the characters and monsters (our opponents) had implemented at the same high level. They look very lively in dynamics and fit harmoniously into any interaction with the outside world. Visual effects also include sparks, fire, and smoke.


The style of Infinity Dreams game soundtracks is challenging to confuse with anything else. It’s unique and unrepeatable. Most importantly, it’s ultra sweet-sounding. The 8-bit music in the original arrangement sounds charismatic and incendiary.

The special effects don’t fall short either. Noise from the drill hitting the sand or snow conveys realistically the events going on around our heroes. I also really like the believable falling diamonds, rocks, and other elements. Even apart from the music, there’s a lot to listen to, that’s a fact.


Miss Rusty and Dr. Drill set out to face the most unexpected obstacles that the future has to offer. On their way, the brave couple will find a lot of enemies, as well as various pleasant surprises. More precisely – treasures from all over the world.

The underground adventure will pass through the sands and snow-covered tunnels that sparkle with more than just frost. Along with cunning riddles, ghosts take over to protect the jewels. Getting through them and staying alive is no easy task.

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This mobile game offers about a hundred different levels. Some of them are very difficult. Believe me, friends, I know this firsthand. Facilitate life in the game bonus plushies in the form of a fire circle, magic ball, teleport, and more.

By the way, diamonds besiege not only pockets but also heads. So be careful. You can lose your life from them, just like in reality. I could develop a whole philosophical topic here.

The cool extra mode is multiplayer via Bluetooth. Here you can enjoy this fascinating fun with friends.


On the official Infinite Dreams website, they report that their creation has been in the best applications ratings three years in a row – in 2005, 2006, and 2007. What can I say? I’m not at all surprised. It is a well-deserved result because it’s one of the best logic games I have ever played.

Especially since a lot of people were playing it up until the end of the 2000s. Now Symbian OS gourmands similarly like to indulge themselves with such a legendary game occasionally. Thankfully, it is well remembered and appreciated. Well, through my materials, perhaps the number of admirers of Super Miners will become even greater. I hope so.

I say goodbye to you folks. You won’t miss me for long, because our new meeting is very close. So, see you in the new materials. Good luck!

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