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Yes, friends, this picture came out in 2012, and it’s not quite the zeros era. However, I made a material about it, although thematically, Smart2000s content is supposed to be about slightly older works.

Today is an exception to the rule. After all, many of us get goosebumps when we see our favorite characters together again in comedy movies. And the film stands out among similar projects, where they tried to reunite some classic line-ups of stunning pictures.

Here we have a full-fledged cinematic production, from which a new generation of viewers is as excited as the contemporaries of the successes of the original American Pie. I’m telling you as a guy who watched that part in his freshman year of school and Reunion in the same counting year at university.

And you know what the most amazing thing is? I didn’t feel like a stranger and a distant teenager, but like I was part of the same group of friends from the movie. Okay, enough with the sentimentality. After all, we have a story about a great film that makes you both think and allows you to laugh a lot. Let’s go!



In the latest episode of the franchise so far, absolutely all the key characters from American Pie 2 have appeared. What’s more, even Michelle’s longtime bandmate, whom we haven’t seen before, has popped up. That’s Selena, played by Dania Ramirez. Also, a rather interesting character is Kara, who Jim babysat at school. Ali Cobrin played her. And Mia, Oz’s girlfriend, was embodied by Katrina Bowden. 


R’n’B from the 1990s catches us at the start of the picture. And most of all I heard electronica and pop music. A little less frequently, my ears “fluttered” to rock. So many hits had represented here, both former and very fresh by the standards of the picture’s release. For example, LMFAO’s “I’m sexy and I know it.

American Pie
American Pie 2
American Wedding

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It’s been thirteen years since graduation. Even though it’s not a big date, a lot of guys are going to come and come together for Reunion Night. Understandably, our old acquaintances couldn’t miss out on such an event. Jim arrives in his hometown with his wife Michelle and their baby Evan.

Almost from the doorstep, he had greeted by a neighbor he used to babysit at school. It turns out that they met on the eve of her coming of age, and the girl calls her former babysitter to celebrate her birthday together. Seeing such an attractive person next to his friend, Stifler tries to persuade him to have fun with her.

And Kara herself does not mind. After all, she was in love with Jimbo as a child, and now she craves reciprocity. Oz is doing just as well with the women. He’s dating a model, and he works as a TV presenter. Finch rushes to the first meeting of friends on a motorcycle, thanks to which he has traveled almost all over South America.

After Friday night drinks at the bar, the guys decide to spend Saturday morning at the beach. Oz meets Heather (that’s the couple we didn’t see at American Pie: The Wedding, and now they’re back) and her boyfriend. In the evening at the lake, seeing each other again, there is another spark between the former lovers.

Jimbo manages to get himself into another funny situation. He accidentally gets to Kara’s birthday party, and she gets drunk out of her mind. So our magnet for adventure has to drive the drunken birthday girl home.

Will they make it home safely? What will happen to Oz and Heather? And how will Sunday night go? All this we will discover while watching the American Reunion movie.

I can only add that the film is a very atmospheric representative of comedies and worth seeing in its entirety. Moreover, I recommend the extended version because there are many jokes with references to the previous parts. Enjoy watching!

The Girl Next Door


Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. As much as I hope there will be more sequels after American Pie: Reunion, my mind has very little faith in that.

I guess the only thing left to do is thank everyone involved in creating the franchise sincerely. And a special gracias for the beautiful ending. It deserves to be the conclusion to such a great story.

And thank you, friends, for taking a moment of your attention today to my work. See you in the new materials!

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