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Now a minor spoiler. It is the performance from this concert tour that the characters from my book “2020” go-to. The recorded live show itself took place in Paris on June 14, 2007. And already two days later in London Sebastian and company enjoyed the concert of Daft Punk. These legendary Frenchmen had previously released a similar work called Alive 1997. As you can already guess, it was also a recording of a live performance.

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This time, the masters of electronica surprised the whole world. The point is that after the album “Human After All,” they seemed to have evaporated from the media space. Critics did not so highly appreciate the work as “Discovery.” In fact, this masterpiece was challenging to surpass, especially after its gorgeous screening in the face of Interstella 5555.

Many people began to suspect that the breakup of the band was imminent. And now, after a long quiet period, at the most unexpected moment, Daft Punk announced their sensational return. It was the Alive 2007 tour. Well, let’s try to find out what made it so successful.




The guys from Daft Punk have ingeniously injected new life into their classic hits. Thanks to the fresh sound that the tracks got after DP had edited them, they succeeded, especially for the Alive 2007 concert tour. 

The visual component of the show looked ultra-futuristic. The compositions themselves weren’t inferior in this component either. Plus, the musicians perfectly combined them in one mix. Such a move affects the mood of the audience as if they were in a theater. Such subtle details distinguish great artists from ordinary ones.


My acquaintance with the album started by watching the video for the mix of the songs “Around the World” / “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” The video was a recording of a live performance by the French. I remember when I first saw this miracle, I immediately realized how big this electronica event was.

And for more than ten years, I have had a dream to be there. Well, I managed to make it come true thanks to the adventures of the characters in my book. You know, I wasn’t physically there, but emotionally I got charged with the inexpressible atmosphere.

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Zest Of The Album

It’s quite probable that this is the best live album of the zeros. At least among the works in the electronica genre. The tasty filling and no less quality recording make it sound mega atmospheric. For example, I have already many times gladly re-watched the concert videos from this tour. You are unlikely to meet this kind of flight of creativity often in your life. So it is worth getting acquainted with this diamond of musical art.

In Total

In 2009 the CD won the Grammy. Daft Punk got the award in the category Best Electronic/Dance Album. As you can see, the work was highly appreciated not only by fans but also by music critics. And it’s fair enough. After all, DP has shown the world what it means to make a bright return to the scene.

So I’m happy for those people who were able to go to these historic concerts. Events of this quality and scale are infrequent. I hope that in the future, all music lovers who are reading me now will have a lot more concerts of such magnificence waiting for them. I sincerely wish you that, friends! See you soon!

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