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Previously I wrote about how to choose the best devices for a specific task. In this article, we will talk not about functionality but our associations and feelings.


Phone and Emotions

I’m sure most of us have a lot of moments in our lives that we remember forever. One of them is the first phone. Like first love, it leaves a different aftertaste. Therefore, we can only remember it based on the specific history of the person.

However, also many have formed the concept of “favorite device.” It is already definitely a pleasant feeling, which one wants to experience again and again. And it doesn’t have to be the most powerful gadget on the market. It may be some “dinosaur” of the mobile world.

For example, as for me, it will be Nokia 6630. For someone else, it will be another phone. It does not have to be called a smartphone at all. The main thing is the emotions it allows its owner to experience.

Performance is Everything (Unfortunately)

We live in an era in which the “iron” component of machines is improving every day. But there is less and less “life” in them. That is what I suggest we look for in our forgotten mobile friends.

After all, in the 2000s, these retro devices made us feel unique sensations, but not make us perceive them as temporary guests, which will soon have replaced by a new, more powerful one. And so on to infinity.

To be completely honest, the phones I bought in the new decade did not give me a drop of that waterfall of emotions that used to bubble up. It would be like new functions were added and a lot of applications. But it still wasn’t the same.

With the beginning of the Android era, I began to treat smartphones differently as a robot from the cover of the operation system of the same name, which must perform its duties accurately and efficiently. No more, no less. No sentiment, no space for soulfulness.

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How About Turning Back Time?

No one does not miss some period of their life. If it is no easy task to return to a particular point in time, it is much easier to acquire a thing that symbolizes that time. It can become a kind of therapy – without doctors, but with undoubted benefit.

Therefore, it is high time to introduce such a procedure as psychological relaxation with a transition to a light melancholy. After it, a person feels better, the influx of energy stirs up the body, and the mind gets new ideas. At least with me, it happens all the time. And I primarily formed the Smart2000s project itself under the influence of this wonderful method of relaxation.

So, friends, I invite you to the club of lovers of exciting therapy through nostalgia. See you in the new materials!

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