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If I’m a fan of the second “Pie,” but my cousin wasn’t too keen on watching it. The third part, on the other hand, was perfect for him. As for me, this episode of the franchise is pretty cool too. So brace yourselves, friends. Because now begins the story of a celebratory movie tamed to a new phase in Jim and Michelle’s life.

Oddly enough, it was the American Pie 3 that had the most audacious pranks among all “Pies.” Though this time, the occasion came formal and did not predispose to such blatant jokes, as it can be at the prom or at the beach party (as was in the previous episodes).

However, such a discrepancy did not diminish viewer interest. So, gentlemen, let’s get our tuxes ready. And the ladies are invited to try on evening gowns. We’re going to the American Wedding!



Traditionally, the main characters have remained virtually unchanged. Jason Biggs plays Jim, and Alyson Hannigan is his lover Michelle Flaherty. Sean William Scott continues to dragging upward the entire franchise thanks to his Stifler character (this is just my humble opinion). 

Thomas Nicholas performs the shy Kevin impersonation. Through Eddie Thomas’s mouth, Finch goes on to make pseudo-intellectual statements and quotes from Voltaire and Goethe. Of course, Jim’s father and Stifmeister’s mom are also present. These characters, named Noah and Janine, are still portrayed by Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge. 

Compared to the American Pie 2, Chris Ostreicher, Heather, Vicky, Nadia, Sherman, and Jessica disappeared. But there was space for new characters in the person of Michelle’s sister Cade (played by January Jones) and parents Harold (Fred Willard) & Mary (Deborah Rush). Also memorable is the extravagant Mr. Belvedere or Bear, played by Eric Kramer.


The rocking hits of the 1980s delighted my ears almost from the very beginning of the American Wedding movie. It is to these songs that Stifler and Bear’s dance-off takes place.

In 2016, I saw a video meme where the creator glued Gareth Bale’s head to Steven’s body and Cristiano Ronaldo’s head to Mr. Belvedere’s one. It had dedicated to their rendezvous in the Euro semifinal. Alas, I can’t find that video now. Probably its author decided not to embarrass himself and deleted the clip because the Portugal national team was the winner of that duel.

But we got a little distracted. Let’s get back to American Pie. So, punk had no longer heard as much as in previous parts. However, you can listen to some good rock sometimes. There is also pop and quite good electronic music.

American Pie
American Pie 2
American Reunion

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The film begins with Jim in his usual manner. This time he forgot his engagement ring at home before asking Michelle to marry him. At the betrothal, the bride’s parents catch him with Stifmeister and the two dogs in a very interesting position.

Stifler’s wackiness doesn’t end there. He has some nasty challenges in each of our beloved comedies. In the first one, it’s a beer with Kevin’s refill; in the second, it’s a shower of “champagne.” And in the third, it’s a “German chocolate” truffle.

Another amusing zest of the American Wedding movie is the competition between Finch and Steven. It is all because of Michelle’s sister. Both guys liked her and, quite predictably, they began to measure their charms against each other. But how they did it!

It was as if the guys reversed roles and tried to play each other off in front of Cade. Paul called himself a Finchmeister, and Stifler tried on the image of an exemplary goody-goody guy. Screenwriters resolved all this situation in a very original way.

It is worth mentioning that besides the classical comedy scenes, there are also rather serious and profound moments. I will avoid spoilers. However, I will notice that the end of American Pie: The Wedding is very heartwarming.

The Girl Next Door


It’s a little sad to realize that this is the last piece on the legendary “Pie” of the zeros. It’s fair to say that there were continuations of the franchise. However, most of the characters there were already represented by entirely different people.

American Reunion had released in 2012 and already thematically does not fall under the project’s content about the 2000s. However, that picture came out so incredible that it is possible to make an exception, especially for it.

So, friends, if you want a separate story about that film too – no problem. You’ll get it! For now, I say goodbye and remind you that the zeros haven’t passed. They just moved to Smart2000s!

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