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Classic form, stainless steel, and severe color scheme – Nokia 6300 can be rightfully considered a standard for combining simplicity and solidity in one device. It became a trendy phone, which some people still use even today.

The reason for this was the incredible reliability of the gadget, which even after a decade feels quite good in the hands of its owners. The universal look of the device also allowed it to be in great demand in the market.

For the fans of variety were available versions in alternative color combinations: red-black, dark gray, as well as entirely white, gold, red and black. The silver and black palette was the default option.



In visual appearance, the phone may resemble a Nokia 3230. It becomes an especially eye-catching fact if you pay attention to the dark frames around the display. But it has nothing in common with this smartphone on the hardware level.

What adds some individuality to the Nokia 6300 is the build quality. It is excellent. The users of this device could know about the creaks and flaws in the phones only from other phone users’ stories.

As for a monoblock from 2007, our hero has a relatively thin body – only 11,7 mm. However, there is a place for the insertion of a light diode on both side edges, the latter signals about a missed call or a received message.

On the two-inch display, the picture looks very vivid and colorful. Sure thing, because the screen can transmit sixteen million colors. A resolution of 240Ă—320 pixels was the gold standard in those days.

In terms of convenience and presentability of the keyboard also no complaints. It’s made of silver plastic. Pressing it is accompanied by a slight click sound. All the keys are placed very accurately and are very comfortable to use. It applies to both gaming experience and typing, as well as menu navigation.

Technical Specifications

Nokia 6300 is a representative of Series 40 from the Finnish company. It can be called the best platform for mobile phones of the 2000s. Our hero is one of the most successful devices in its history.

The built-in proprietary interface had complemented by the support of MicroSD memory cards. It could store hundreds of photos taken with a 2-megapixel camera. The device itself has only 7 MB of free internal memory.

Gaming Opportunities

The readers of this phone review already know that the Nokia 6300 is not a smartphone. But you can still spend hours playing your favorite Java games with it. Moreover, for the S40 platform with QVGA screen resolution, there were a lot of exciting releases.


The device has one external speaker. It sounds pretty loud and clear but falls short of the stereo sound of the Nokia 6233. I mentioned the latter model for a reason because the Nokia 6300 is its ideological continuation. In fact, this is the only drop of tar (as we say it in Ukraine) in the Finnish honey. 

The default music player has no flaws (especially when you consider that this is not a smartphone and not a phone with a bias towards multimedia functions). The application has migrated from other Nokia Xpress Music 40-series phones. The video player supports MPEG-4, and it is a pleasure to watch videos on such a gorgeous display. Many users will also find the FM-radio support quite beneficial for them.

Means of Communications

The owners can perform access to the Internet via EDGE/GPRS technology. Interestingly that in addition to the standard browser in the phone was the built-in Opera Mini app. As for other means of communication, there is Bluetooth and a USB port. It’s also possible to send mobile messages in SMS and MMS formats.

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Battery Life

This Nokia phone has a battery capacity of 860 mAh, which is enough for several days of use in an average load mode. If you use the device to the full, the autonomy index will drop to a day and a half.


The Series 40 platform and stunning phone design have been the key reasons for the model’s success on the mobile market. It blew up the electronics world with its reliability and durability. There’s no denying, though, that it could happen again.

Perhaps my work on the Renaissance of the devices of the 2000s will not go in vain? Well, time will show us the answer to this question. I say goodbye to you, friends. Remember that zeros haven’t passed. They just moved to Smart2000s!

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