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Here’s the first game I’ve had a chance to savor on my Nokia 6630. Yes, this is not a project for N-Gage or Symbian OS. Even by the standards of Java, it is a relatively modest project. However, that doesn’t diminish the value of the memories it gives me.

Playman World Soccer is a soccer simulator by Mr. Goodliving. These guys have released another landmark game for me. I will tell you about it in the future. Now I should specify that our today’s hero was released in 2006 – just the beginning of the peak of popularity of Java games. So please fasten your seat belts because we’re going back to that wonderful time. Full steam ahead!



The graphics in the mobile game is pretty nice. Especially when you consider the year of this release. Playman World Soccer came in 2D and 3D versions. I played in a 3D mode more often. However, I note that both versions are very colorful and a pleasure to spend time in them.

Drawing of the players had done in cartoon style. It brings a piece of cheerful mood. After all, such good-natured illustrations are pleasing to the eye. As for other textures, soccer fields often change their color. More specifically, the type of shade of grass.

There are also occasional hints of changing weather. However, this has almost no effect on the gameplay. The ball rolls equally on both dry and wet fields. It is my first comment to the developers. The second is the same expression on the players’ faces throughout the game, even during a goal celebration or while getting injured.

But I want to praise the creators for the variety of faces. You will not have to play against the same opponents. Their appearance will change regularly. And that’s great.


Music is probably the Achilles heel of most Java games. Playman World Soccer is no exception. In the menu, you can hear simple polyphonic melodies. And in the game, there are only a few sound effects. Most of the time, you have to listen to the referee’s whistle. Therefore, I prefer to play without sound.


The Career’s story revolves around the fact that you are building your dream team. Win match after match to improve the skills of your players. World Cup and soccer Olympus are waiting just for you! You have to go through a lot of exciting competitions.

Their complete list includes cups, leagues, penalty shootouts, knockout matches, and friendly games. In general, everyone will find something to their liking.

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Controlling the footballers is a bit like driving a car in a race. The soccer player runs by himself. You only need to correct the direction of his route. I most like the shooting system. It is very similar to its counterpart in Fifa 2005 for Nokia N-Gage. You can change the direction of the ball by forty-five degrees. It gives a lot of fun.

Among the available modes are:

  1. Quick Match, where you choose your opponents and other options on your taste.
  2. Arcade games, the essence of which boils down to a no-lose series. The longer it lasts, the better your record.
  3. Career. Here everything is obvious. After all, I have described this mode in detail in the previous section called “Story.”


Playman World Soccer is an excellent option for having fun. It does not claim to be the most realistic football simulator. The game has a different goal, and it successfully fulfills that purpose. I mean the generation of good mood.

So if you have some free time and a desire to have some fun, Playman World Soccer will be a good guest on your phone screen. That’s all for today, folks. See you later!

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