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On a par with The Matrix, this picture is one of the most famous movie trilogies of the zeros. Undoubtedly, these films and John Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings book, have made the most significant contribution to modern fantasy’s popularization.

Millions of fans are now reading novels of the genre. An even more significant number of admirers have games and movies of similar themes. I can’t say that I belong to any of them. But the work to which my present material is dedicated unequivocally deserves widespread attention.

I thought it was boring the first time I saw The Lord of the Rings movie. I watched it to the end, but I didn’t have a desire to see it again or to watch the next two parts for almost ten years. But now that I’m older and wiser (at least, my parents hope so), I was able to appreciate its actual value. The Return of the King still one of the most emotional films that I ever saw.



I don’t know about others, but I still associate Elijah Wood with Frodo. Even despite his coolest role as Matt from Green Street Hooligans.

As for Aragorn and Legolas (Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom), Lord of the Rings creators gave them very interesting roles. Because of this nuance, they are not inferior to the frontmen of daring rock bands in accomplishing the rather exciting task of inspiring hundreds of guys to grow their hair long.

Or the legendary Gandalf, whose mere image gave me the creeps. Sir Ian McKellen wonderfully played this character.

Also memorable were such very funny (but no less masculine) characters as Gimli and Sam, played by John Rhys-Davies and Sean Astin.

And how not to mention the creatures Pelegrin Took and Mariadoc Brandybuck screened with Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan’s.

One of the significant symbols of female beauty in the 2000s, Liv Tyler, embodied the role of Arwen. That lady’s father, Elrond, was played by the magnificent Hugo Weaving. The enigmatic Galadriel was brought to life in the flesh by Cate Blanchett and the insidious Gollum by Andy Serkis.

Sala Baker and Ian Holm played the evil Sauron and brave elder Bilbo Baggins. Christopher Lee perfectly played the role of Saruman in his 80 (!) age (moreover, ten years later, he will play the same character in The Hobbit trilogy).


It is clear that the music in The Lord of the Rings movies intuitively takes the listener to a time of epic battles, where sword strokes raise sparks and arrows fly every moment. I especially love the musical accompaniment of The Two Towers, when the primary fight runs.

However, this mood harmoniously alternates with calm classical ballads. They dilute the picture’s atmosphere with new colors.

Howard Shore created the lion’s share of the compositions. Moreover, he composed works devoted to individual countries and cultures as well as to characters.

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“Down from the door where it began…” and Gandalf takes his time driving to the Baggins’ house. Do I need to tell you what happened next? I’m sure many people know the continuation by heart. But I invite you to savor some of it from my perspective.

So, we have a classic plot twist: a powerful enemy plans to attack the innocent races, representatives of our main heroes. Among all the characters, of course, is the leader. He had chosen at a general meeting.

It would seem that everything is trivial and obvious. But no. The protagonist, oddly enough, becomes the weakest warrior among all. However, he is not the last in terms of generosity and kindness.

It is enjoyable to state that in this way, a message very dear to me had conveyed to the audience: it is always the heart and peacefulness that should lead, not the sword and anger. It may sound a little sweet and sugary, but the fact remains that simple truths are always accurate.

A happy persons do not hurt other people. It doesn’t matter to them how many gold coins they have in their pocket. After all, they already have the most important thing. It is different when a single gold ring can make entire nations unhappy. Then it is a challenge that cannot go unnoticed.

Led by Frodo, whose plight is most complex and dangerous, the fellowship of the ring had formed. Its members pledge to protect the little hobbit from any adversity.

Symbolically, Sam, another of his little countrymen with a big heart, becomes an essential helper for Frodo. No one disputes the importance of the other members of the ring’s fellowship, but it is this good-hearted man that I remember most.

Though in terms of outward charisma, Aragorn and Legolas are ahead of both young hobbits. Or the incredibly wise and robust Gandalf, who was one of the main initiators of the quest. And how not to mention Boromir, Gimli, and the unbreakable rogue friends Pelegrin Took and Mariadoc Brandybuck?

They all made up the trustworthy company that went east to fight evil. Well, what happened next – you’ll find out in the movies, friends. Enjoy watching!


The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy gave birth to an entire generation of fantasy fans, for which it will undoubtedly go down in history. They tried on their heroes’ costumes, had dialogues in the appropriate style, and even made up their own stories.

What can I say? I was so attracted to Aragorn’s type that I thought about changing my own look for a while. Though there was no change in my appearance, this fearless warrior’s courageous image has remained in my memory for a long time.

So to say that the picture was a success means to say nothing. That’s all for today, my friends. I wish you a lot of inspiring events in life and see you in future articles!

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