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Friends, today I want to reflect with you on such an interesting topic as the choice of smartphone for gaming. In total, I have divided the material into three categories. The best smartphone for games for:

Let’s go!


The Best Smartphone for N-Gage Games and Emulators

Here everything is straightforward and unambiguous. The user can run absolutely all N-Gage games on only two devices. These are Nokia N-Gage and Nokia N-Gage QD. The other smartphones require more patience to install applications and the comfort of the game because of the different structure of the keyboard.

Emulators run on all devices, but here the controls come to the fore. According to this criterion, again, the consoles N-Gage has a significant advantage.

Consequently, the winners in this category are both Gages. About which of them is better – I’ve already told you earlier. It was not a classical smartphone review. It’s a kind of comparison of advantages.

The Best Smartphone for Games for Symbian 6-8 and Java

On the other hand, N-Gage game consoles limp in terms of playing Symbian and JAVA games. The highest score here is among the devices on the Symbian OS 8. Separately, I would like to mention Nokia 6630 and Nokia N70.

The first one has the most comfortable control among all Symbian devices. The second has the most significant amount of RAM. It is difficult for me to define one leader here. Therefore, as in the above nomination, we have two winners. I hope I don’t need to specify which models I’m talking about now.

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Universal Option

If you want to play games from all mentioned platforms, but for some reason, you can afford only one device, I would recommend N70.

First of all, this Nokia phone has the best compatibility with N-Gage games (apart from the consoles themselves, of course). Secondly, thanks to the powerful processor and a large amount of RAM, some of these applications will run even faster than on the Gages themselves.

Thirdly, it is one of the winners in the previous nomination. Therefore, based on the facts above, the title of “universal option” is awarded to Nokia N70.

Optimal Choice

After all, as you can already guess, it would be ideal to have both Gages and someone from the Nokia 6630/N70 pair. It costs significantly less today than in the middle of the zeros. So it is pretty realistic to consider such a choice.

That’s all for today. Thank you for your attention, friends. I’ll see you in the next materials!

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