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“Hey yo, Captain Jack! Give me back to the railroad track”. I want to start today’s material with these words. After all, our hero is no less colorful and cool than Captain Jack’s song.

Also, let’s not forget that it’s an exclusive release for N-Gage. That is until nowadays, to run the application was possible only on the original machines. The emulators of the platform do not exist until the end of the 2010s. However, as the craftsmen have already developed the first working prototypes of Symbian OS and N-Gage emulators, you can play games for Gaga on your PC or smartphone. The app is already available on the Play Market.

It’s incredibly joyful. Because the game is excellent, I hope that every year more and more people will enjoy it. And through my work, I hope to popularize it and save something for history. Future generations shouldn’t forget the classics, especially when it comes to such a charismatic release.

The developers of the game are a company called RedLynx. These guys are known for releasing one of the best games for Nokia N-Gage. I mean Pathway to Glory. We will talk about it in the future. In the meantime, I will focus on today’s guest in more detail.

High Seize is a turn-based strategy game released in 2005. Pirates, plundering, and battles in the Caribbean islands. How’s that for an association series? If you are not fond of such virtual adventures, don’t hurry to forget about this game. After all, here you have to think and calculate more than mercilessly fight the sea varmints. That’s the beauty of this release.



In my opinion, the graphical filling of the game is exemplary. Exactly as for its genre and year of release. No more, no less. The style and atmosphere of High Seize had perfectly conveyed through the artwork. I especially like the drawings of unit avatars and surface types.

However, I’m sure most will still pay more attention to the story inserts. They had beautifully drawn illustrations that perfectly capture the spirit of the game’s legend. The animation is a bit too simple. But it doesn’t affect the gameplay enjoyment.

For example, the battles look very ordinary. However, we are not facing the product with an emphasis on the colorfulness of this component. Instead, it is a creation for thoughtful leisure. With elements of fun, of course.

And I can not avoid talking about personal impressions. If you turn on the imagination, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Caribbean islands. I am serious. The blue ocean, the white sand, the jungle – it has its own romance taste.


The music in the game takes us back to the time of the great pirate battles. Hearing it gives me goosebumps. The sound effects are also a pleasant experience. Each action has its unique sound that is always relevant.

Special thanks go to the voice narration. It is terrific. All of the speakers worked their contracts to the penny. The intensity of emotion had felt from the first to the last second. It is a remarkable quality to me. I pay attention to it in all games where such nuances are present.


The storyline is breathtaking from the very beginning of this tactical game. Let’s take a look at exactly how it presents itself.

“At the end of the 17th century, the Caribbean region was at the peak of colonialism.
The colonial nations and pirates were all fighting each other.
Among the most notable English military leaders of this region was Governor General John Farrell, Stevenson the elder, and younger.
The warring period generated a lot of crime.
The most famous Pirate Chief of that time was the much-feared Captain Black Barlow.
Where their pirates in real life?
Yes, there were.

Would you like to hear a story about a boy, his father, and a fantastic treasure?
This was the end of the 17th century.
Stevenson, the younger, a retired Captain of the Navy, lived a quiet life as a fisherman in the Caribbean.
One day something strange happened.
Something that changed his entire life.
Stevenson, the elder, has been taken hostage by the pirates!
And here, our adventure begins.”

So can you help the younger Stevenson save his father? The answer depends only on you.

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The game provides a great variety of land and sea units. Each has its original characteristics. You’re sure to win if you combine them carefully. But don’t forget to capture villages and buildings along the way. They will bring money and build new units.

In this N-Gage game review, I want to note that even the terrain has its unique characteristics adds pepper. That is, the gameplay reminds me of a kind of chess. But with its zest. You have to win battle after battle. It’s the only way you will come to success.

Also, I liked the accessible and extensive tutorial. It is an excellent introduction to the peculiarities of the game, and it gives valuable tips. Controls in the game are pretty handy and vast.

There is a multiplayer via Bluetooth. It is an essential and pleasant bonus. After all, High Seize is ideal for battles with friends. By the way, in multiplayer mode, the time per move is limited.

A distinctive feature of the mobile game is the mandatory renewal of ammunition and food for units. Without them, they become useless. You can avoid such problems by transporting the necessary supplies to the units. Or give them a command to visit a nearby port.

The key goal of the battle boils down to one of two possible victory options. The first is to capture the opponent’s main headquarters. The second is to destroy all of his units.


As you can see, friends, the game deserves a good review. It is truly breathtaking! The pirate battles, the competitive atmosphere, and the excellent storyline will not leave anyone indifferent. So I recommend it to my entire audience, not just fans of turn-based tactical games.

It is very sad to realize that High Seize had released at the end of N-Gage’s era. A lot of people gave up on the platform back then. But they should have not. It was precise during this period that echelons of delicious releases began to come out. Unfortunately, in the middle of the 2000s, not everyone could appreciate them at their true value.

But the Smart2000s project remembers and respects the real heroes of the zeros. That’s why there will be more games for N-Gage in the future. And that’s all for today, folks. Good luck with your virtual battles. May you never see anything like this in real life. Have a good day, everyone. See you in my new materials. Bye!

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