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The Matrix trilogy is one of the most famous in the history of cinematography. It has undoubtedly become one of the main symbols of the ’00s.

At the beginning of the decade, this graphics and atmosphere were looking like something completely new. Emotions from watching this picture are unique. I can compare them to the feelings of the person who changed the ordinary phone to a smartphone running Symbian OS. It seems like you’ve seen movies/used your mobile phone before, but you’ve never felt that way.

In the first movie, Ericsson R380 should have been used instead of Nokia 8110. And this is one of the pioneers of the Symbian operating system. But the manufacturers did not make it in time, and the Wachowskis had to shoot with the usual phone. However, even it looked cool then. Just imagine what I could say if the Symbian device takes its place?



Immediately I want to highlight the wardrobe of the heroes that they had in the virtual matrix. It didn’t seem to be a revelation, but everything looked innovative in combination with black glasses. It, of course, became a phenomenon and went into the masses. Many thought that copying the style of the characters from The Matrix movie was an indicator of original taste. Even today, it is sometimes possible to meet similar people.

As for the very cast, I will not focus on the main couple. It applies to both Neo and Trinity as the characters and the acting Carrie-Anne Moss with Keanu Reeves. The Matrix contributes to give them countless awards and nominations. Neo is a programmer and “the One” in the same person. But in two different worlds. Trinity is his faithful girlfriend and hacker.

But I can talk much longer about Morpheus and his embodiment by Laurence Fishburne. Also, I can say the same about the “main bad guy,” Agent Smith, played by Hugo Weaving. They were the key characters for my mind, which craved original and deep thoughts. It was as if Smith was a scientist-practitioner who laid out the whole truth of human nature without emotions. In the storyline, he was a program. And his main task was to protect the matrix from failures and anomalies (which Neo was).

Note that in another landmark trilogy of the 2000s, Weaving also played the role of one of the smartest characters in the picture. In the Lord of the Rings, he appears in the role of the supreme elf – Elrond. About this delicacy of the cinema, I will tell in future materials.

In Morpheus, you can see a philosophy professor. Not dull and banal, but exciting and interesting. His voice is incredible. In the virtual matrix, he turns out to be a gang leader, and in reality, Nebuchadnezzar’s captain. It’s an anti-gravity ship that travels through the expanses of the new world of the XXII century.

Thanks to the game Enter the Matrix, I still remember Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith’s wife) playing Niobe. In particular, her look in the virtual matrix. Especially in the second part of the trilogy – The Matrix Reloaded. To me, she seemed the most charismatic of all cast. In reality, she’s the captain of the ship Logos and sympathizes with Morpheus.

As a connoisseur of women’s beauty, I can not ignore even a secondary but memorable role of Monica Bellucci. She played Persephone, Merovingian’s wife. Hero of Lambert Wilson not stingy in the presentation of fascinating thoughts (as well as Morpheus and Agent Smith were).

And mentioning the characters with original dialogues, it is essential to note the Architect. Appearances on the screen of Helmut Bakaitis are laconic (mainly in The Matrix Revolutions) but not secondary. He’s the creator of the matrix, and that says it all.


Among the genres that predominate in compositions, one can distinguish between rock and electronica. The latter represented such styles as drum and bass, breakbeat, trip-hop, techno, and other experimental dance music. The rock area is representing by industrial, heavy metal, and alternative. It was also sometimes possible to hear an ambient.

The selection of songs is implementing on the same level as the whole picture. It’s the highest, of course. When listening to the soundtrack seems a little vintage. At the beginning of the 2000s, it sounded ultra-modern. Sometimes it was even quite futuristic.

If at the time of the picture’s release, most people already had phones with mp3 playback, the number of installed ringtones from The Matrix movie would be beyond the competition.

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This trilogy, I dare say, has been seen by almost all of you, friends. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m not going to paraphrase the actions in the movies dryly. Alternatively, as a reaction to the storyline’s events, I offer a portion of my thoughts.

The thinking of heroes must be savored and interpreted in our real world. Neo and Trinity, alas, limited themselves to rather hackneyed topics: love, loyalty, the difficulty of choice, etc. That’s why for me, the words of the antiheroes are the most memorable. Especially Agent Smith and Frenchman.

Although the positive characters do not lag far behind. Morpheus appears to be a kind of the trilogy’s leading thinker in abstract phrases with multiple meanings. And I adore such statements. They stimulate imagination and intellect to look together for the correct essence of what is said. It’s a kind of game that can be pretty exciting at times.

Well, there are a lot of characters in the movie that provide quality ground for thinking. The only difference between them is how the viewer perceives them, more precisely, how the creators of the picture have decided that we (viewers) have to relate to what was said.

From the mouths of positive characters, information is subconsciously accepting as an axiom. Other thoughts are often founding cautiously, negatively, or even ignored. For example, when it comes to the hypotheses of the main antiheroes.

After all, why take cruel reality for the truth if it can be filled with sweet molasses of correct terms? That’s right, no reason. It’ll only provoke a lousy mood.

Although a large stock of quality knowledge is a huge advantage, it would be best if you learned to use it properly. Otherwise, it will only lead to depression, disputes with others, etc.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to grab the first book or article you get and then take the second, third, and so on to infinity. Then, the level of intelligence depends on the quality of the mastered materials, not the quantity.

Let me tell you a little secret. More than 95% of the modern content (sites, books, articles, lessons, etc.) that surrounds us is either information trash or, at best, the embodiment/paraphrasing of others’ ideas.

Approximately 3-4% are improved thoughts of other people (which I think is quite a tough job). Olympus is absolutely unique (and at the same time interesting) content. It is less than a percent.

For example, that’s why it often takes me longer to find books than to read them. I spend even more time creating my content because I understand that this is the most productive way of learning to generate new ideas.

However, creating a unique idea is just the beginning. The critical point is that it has to be viable. I mean, interesting, well-thought-out, high-quality. Without it, it isn’t easy to expect success.

The last stage is realization. It’s by far the most time-consuming. By the way, I spent tens of times less on thinking over the idea of the Smart2000s project than on its implementation. Not least of all, it was because I performed all the tasks on my own.

Yes, it was possible to hire almost two dozen various freelancers: HTML developer, web and graphic designer, project and product manager, copywriter, web analyst, SEO-specialist, SMM and content managers, marketer, editor, operator, scriptwriter, speaker, composer, DJ, creative director, and even brand manager.

But why, if I can do all this myself, at least on acceptable levels? First of all, it costs money. Secondly, it’s much more enjoyable for me to do everything myself because it’s perfect for my self-development. Thirdly, I’ve implemented precisely the thought I want to convey to people – without the risk of misunderstanding between freelancers.

It all inspired me to write the book “How to monetize your hobby.” In it, I describe in detail and structure the knowledge I have accumulated over many years. 

Okay, let’s get back to the storyline and the characters’ thoughts. For example, Agent Smith. Isn’t he right when he calls humankind a virus? I’m sorry to say it. But part of it makes sense. Some of us like to create something new, while others like to destroy the outside world. Also, The Merovingian cleverly notes our helplessness against our instincts.

However, my favorite dialogue was between Neo and the Architect, where logic does not suppress emotions, and one person appears more valuable than all the others put together. To be honest, I understand Keanu Reeves’s hero very well. When you truly appreciate someone, you’ll do a lot (if not everything) for her or him.

What is The Matrix movie meaning in my point of view? We, humans, are the most intelligent inhabitants of the planet Earth. And perhaps the Universe. But we remain highly vulnerable. Oddly enough, we usually use these weaknesses against our kind.

For example, no animal will make you suffer as much (even from physical pain because it will disappear for some time when the feeling of shock starts to function) as another person through manipulations on the emotional level. These torments can last even decades.

However, I would like to finish the main part of this material on a major note. Friends, we can admire modern technology, strive to pump big muscles, become smarter or richer. But the fact remains. Our most potent power is kindness.

No, I’m not interested in pacifist treatises. Although the success of the peaceful uprising for India’s independence (inspired by Gandhi’s teachings) already says something about it. Let’s analyze the world around us. Kindness does not win in every battle but necessarily wins the war.

And I’m not talking about actual wars, but the results of global change. Yeah, times of unrest are like zebras. They come and go. But after it rains, there’s a rainbow, and justice always triumphs. Sooner or later, it is irreversible.

Now, I wish everyone to accept kindness with mathematical regularity personally. Not just by listening to it in songs or watching it in movies. And I ask you to give it to others regularly as well.


Of course, my thoughts do not claim to be called the only right ones, especially since the main feature of wise persons is the critical perception of information around them because it is far from always possible to deny or confirm something unconditionally. Often in parallel, many nuances prevent it.

I sincerely believe that it is intelligent and curious people who are interested in my works. So today, I took the liberty of doing a little philosophizing. I had a wonderful occasion – The Matrix is an original philosophical work. So I was glad to include a similar storytelling style here.

I hope this material has stimulated your reflections on various topics. If so, I am happy about it and will try to continue in the future to encourage your intellect for this pleasant process. See you soon on Smart2000s space, friends!

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