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Here we can see updating of the Electronic Arts franchise for Nokia N-Gage. It’s doubly nice that one of my favorite parts of the Fifa series came out for my favorite mobile gaming platform. After all, at Fifa 05, I stubbornly played when I first started taking a serious interest in football simulators.

As I remember now, I was mainly waiting in the computer club for a specific machine to continue my career, saved there. By the way, I still haven’t gotten through it completely. However, I was starting doing it dozens (if not hundreds) times.



The first thing that immediately catches the eye after Fifa 2004 is the improved graphics. Although the players’ models remained small, their drawing’s very clarity has noticeably reached a new level. The same can I say about the football field.

Also, in Fifa 2005 were new animations for celebrating goals and pain scenes after a foul. So if Old Trafford is the Theatre of Dreams, why football player can’t become Hamlet? There are also several new defensive and offensive moves, including new types of selection and throw-in.

The camera now runs much smoother, as do the improved auto camera capabilities for different angles and zoom. Similarly qualitatively, the developers have pumped artificial intelligence, especially in the opposition game.


Music in the mobile game is identical to that in the computer version. It’s a mix of different genres – from pop and electronica to rock. It’s hard to single out the title theme because the music player has many delicious songs, which I’m enjoying since the Big Brother version.

Audio effects during the match remained virtually unchanged. It is the fans’ noise, the sound of a ball hits and the referee’s whistle.


The long-awaited career mode has finally arrived. Unlike the computer mode, which consists of sixteen seasons, there are only five. However, that’s pretty enough, given that the user must play all matches. That is, there is no way to simulate the matches.

Fifa mobile has a bonus system for a match with a clean sheet, a crushing victory, winning against a more powerful team, the whole career completes, and the like.

Another innovation that I must note in this N-Gage game review is the challenge mode. Here we have the opportunity to repeat the legendary matches that took place in the area of five years before the release of the game. One of the most remarkable here is the 1999 Champions League final between Bayern Munchen and Manchester United. For me, as a fan of the Mancunians, this is a charming moment.

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EA Sports Fifa 2005 includes more than ten thousand players who represent twenty licensed leagues. Each team has a home and away uniforms set. There are also the same modes as at the previous part of the franchise. Namely: tournaments, seasons, championships, and single matches.

If you haven’t had experience with Fifa on N-Gage before, you’ll find the instruction inserts before the matches valid, where you can understand the control process on Nokia N-Gage

By the way, it’s pretty unusual and funny how to perform curve shoots. Roughly speaking, you can change the direction of the ball to forty-five degrees. You can kick the ball from the middle of the field in the direction of the corner flag, and during the flight, you can twist it towards the opponent’s goalkeeper area and suddenly score a goal.

The main highlight of Fifa 04 is, of course, the Bluetooth mode for playing with friends. And the highlight of the new Fifa 05 is the series of its subsequent modifications. I can remember three of them for the moment – Fifa 06, Fifa 07, and Fifa 08.

Yes, friends, as you’ve already understood, the N-Gage series is no longer officially released after this part. Only thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts can we enjoy our favorite simulator with updated squads and calendars. Thank them so much for that.


I won’t drag sidetalkers by the ear, and I’ll tell you right away – Fifa 2005 remained one of my favorite football simulators. In turn, the version for Nokia N-Gage was the best representative of the genre among mobile releases of the 2000s.

It, friends, is where I am ending my story about this legendary game. Thank you for your attention. Remember, zeros have not passed. They just moved to Smart2000s. Bye, everybody!

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