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So we got close to the football simulators, which I love so much. The middle of the 2000s is an excellent time for the most popular sport in the world. What’s worth the personalities who were lighting up on the football field back then.

Today we are dealing with the legendary EA Sports Fifa series, which bursts into the Smart2000s blog with its eleventh installment and prefix “2004”. Nancy Smith, vice president of Electronic Arts, said at the presentation: “We have brought the most popular sports game in the world to the latest portable platform.” Nothing to argue with that.



Do I have to say that the picture in Fifa 2004 was the best of all football simulators of that time-released for mobile phones? Yes, the next part of the series became noticeably better, but do not forget that today’s guest was a pioneer.

So the developers’ team did a pretty good job. Namely – they prepare the heir’s ground and show that the small display is no less interesting to play on a small screen than a computer monitor.


The Fifa series has always been known for its beautiful alternative rock and electronica compositions. This mobile game was no exception. The musical title theme was “Jerk it Out” by Caesars Palace.

At the start of the match, all audio is identical to the computer, except for commentators. There are a fan’s voice, referee whistles, and the effects of the ball kicks.


In this N-Gage game review, I must disappoint fans of exciting storylines. Since the whole story mode in the series appeared a decade and a half after the release of this part, it is clear that this had unexpected here. However, this nuance completely levels out the most incredible gameplay.

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The game includes over three hundred teams with the ability to play with friends via Bluetooth. At the time of release, such an innovation was a huge breakthrough in mobile games.

Back then, I loved to hang out at computer clubs and compete with friends in the same Fifa. But if somebody had come with two Nokia N-Gage and started playing with a mate via Bluetooth, that would be a real sensation.

Also, the game includes tournaments, seasons, championships, and single matches. And of course, how not to mention many pre-defined tactics and licensed player names?

Plus, a traditional set of characteristics is unique for each footballer. It makes the game even more exciting. This set is quite enough for attractive and long gaming.


Fifa mobile brought the spirit of sports competition to the N-Gage platform and marked football simulators’ start. The fans of this genre will pay attention to it. And the game’s superpower is an option to play with friends via Bluetooth. I’m sure it will be a pleasure for many.

So I hope to see more admirers of it after publishing this article. I’ll see you very soon. Bye, everybody.

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