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Fans of Symbian releases should well remember our today’s guest. What about me? I am particularly fond of it. This mobile game was the one that made me fell in love with the universe of apps from Infinite Dreams – the coolest Polish developers.

K-Rally is a 3D arcade racing game released in 2006. It has an over-the-top view, and its highlight is the ability to use weapons. Now it’s clear where the creators of the Death Race movie starring Statham, which came out two years later, cut the plot.

I’m kidding, of course, folks. But the Polish creation came out no less exciting than the previously mentioned action movie. Don’t believe it? Then let’s analyze this miracle in detail. Let’s go!



The graphics in K-Rally is not just pretty. It’s amazingly wonderful. If the picture looks ordinary today, then in the middle of the 2000s, it could easily be called one of the best on its platform.

I especially like the effects of explosions and rocket launches. In addition to these, the screen had filled with different landscapes. There are several weather conditions for most locations. It is snow, rain, and sunny day. The exception is the racing asphalt tracks. Only the last option is available here.

You should pay special attention to the drawing of the characters’ faces. It performed creatively and cheerfully. With its help, you can even catch the nature of each virtual hero. Fantastic animation and destructible 3D objects will not leave indifferent even the most demanding gamers.


I will never tire of telling you how much I admire the soundtracks in Infinite Dreams games! There is never a mediocre song here. Every composition is quite enjoyable. As far as style goes, it feels like techno. The sound effects don’t lag either. Every action has its distinct sound. Therefore, a whole audio rainbow pleases the ear during the race.


In the car racing game, there is a hint of a storyline only in the championship mode. Career mode, on the other hand, is reduced to the usual struggle for the rating. However, this is where the creators could develop something like the plots from the best parts of Need For Speed. But this is just my dream.

In fact, in the game, we almost immediately meet the boss. He wants us to win championships regularly. To reach this goal, a car had provided before each new stage. Also, the boss gives us money. However, this amount is relatively modest. So we’d like a more generous sponsor. But thanks to that one anyway.

Friends, I have some helpful information for you. But it is only relevant if you dare to compete for the gold in the championship, where weapons are allowed. The thing is, after many championships I have passed, I have reached a proven conclusion. I hope it will help you during your tasting of the game.

Before the first race of each stage, I recommend spending all your money on rockets. For the remainder, you can buy mines. During the race, do not regret ammunition to “make your opponents happy” by using them. Thanks to this, such a tactic is the easiest way to win. And invest your earnings in upgrading your car.

It is essential to winning the first race. Otherwise, your competitors will upgrade their iron friends, and yours will remain at a basic level. Here you will not be up to jokes.

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It’s not a racing simulator, but the process of driving feels quite realistic. As for imagining a world with its own gravity configuration, of course. Unfortunately, the game cannot offer you the opportunity to compete with friends via Bluetooth. I’m so sorry about this because the developers promised to implement this feature. They were not able to make these words come true… However, this is the only sour slice in a vast delicious cake called K-Rally.

The peculiarity of the release is a combination of 2D gameplay with 3D graphics. There are ten cars and fourteen characters available to us. It is nothing compared to the number of tracks. In theory, there could be more than seven hundred thousand! It becomes possible thanks to random track generation.

As I have already mentioned before, among the weapons present are rockets and mines. We can buy them in the store, where at the same time, you can upgrade and purchase vehicles.

Among the modes available: regular race, ghost mode, random track generator, championship, and career. All of them can become unlocked by accumulating points, which you can get while driving. What’s more, the points will give you access to new cars.

You can play both with weapons and by “clean” rules. It is very funny to hear the voice feedback of your opponents after each of our hits. The game had divided into three levels of difficulty. It makes sense to pass them all from beginner to professional. At least that’s what I did.

This activity is quite time-consuming. However, for me, it was a pleasure to play, so I did not feel discomfort. Well, for the most avid fans of K-Rally, I recommend trying out a random track generator. With it, you indeed will find new ways to make yourself enjoy one of the best mobile racing games ever.


K-Rally regarded with confidence as a classic of the genre. It gives players a sense of action and a feeling of implacable rivalry. It is what we expect from arcade releases. And here, our expectations are justified absolutely.

I recommend this game to all fans of driving with the wind on the virtual tracks. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied, friends. So I hope my review was enough to ignite your desire to try your forces in K-Rally. See you in new materials!

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