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There was such a milestone in the history of N-Gage as localized games. Their bandle releases, as you guessed, were in specific countries. The sale was performing by the distribution of cartridges without covers and instructions.

Our hero, for example, was released purely for the Spanish market. It happened in 2004. That’s how lucky people at that time in Ibiza could have fun in the evenings under Benny Benassi’s sets and in the day to savor one of the best mobile RPG games of the year.



3D graphics and a third-person view from above allow you to enjoy the vast game world in full. There are also good texture details, which give the picture vividness and saturation.

The models of characters and drawings of their avatars look pretty well. It applies to huge trolls, knights, orcs, and more.


In such a belligerent game like Barakel, even music is militant. Epic melodies alternate with calmer yet more mysterious notes. Therefore, the atmosphere of this game for Nokia N-Gage was support on excellent level thanks to the presented songs.

Besides, my ears are delighted with realistic sound effects, for example, during battles. This is an important point because you have to spend the lion’s share of time in them.


Traditionally for RPG mobile games, here we get a fascinating story. Archangel Barakel was exiled to earth and forced to find ways to get back. To get to heaven, he must fight the evil of the world.

The events begin at the entrance to the village of Norham, which has recently suffered a crushing invasion. We find out about what happened to the surviving villagers and the road searching for by Barakel.

Many obstacles and unexpected turns await him ahead. And in all this, of course, we’ve got his human body covered.

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The control is very comfortable and intuitive. The combat system is simple, and there are no lags. This allows you to watch the battles as if from your window without slowdowns.

The battle action looks exciting, and the process takes a long time. I started to want it more and more. However, the equipment will have to be updated every time because it can wear out in battle.

By the way, the number of dialogs is very modest as for one of the best mobile RPG. Whether it’s a good thing is a subjective question. Some people like to read a lot and get into the story, while others prefer the dynamic process.

An interesting feature of the game is the ability to play it together with friends, thanks to the multiplayer. To do this, you need to connect the devices via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can exchange items and gold among yourselves.


Although I’m not an ardent fan of the genre, I liked the RPGs produced for Gaga. Looking ahead, I’m going to say that there’s one more representative of the genre ahead of us, what I think is brilliant of the whole era. I’ll tell you about it in one of my future N-Gage game reviews.

I’m sure fans of the platform can guess who we’re talking about now. In the meantime, I say goodbye to you, friends. Remember, the 2000s have not passed. They just moved to the Smart2000s. Have a good day!

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