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Another hit from Infinite Dreams released in 2005. Not to say that I was a big fan of flying shooters back then. However, this game was much more potent than all the competitors on Symbian by its quality and stood out.

This platformer is one of the few releases for this operating system available for savoring on modern smartphones. The pleasant nuance is that new versions of the game significantly updated both graphics and gameplay. So if you don’t have your device on Symbian, I highly recommend the Sky Force Anniversary.



Even with a two-inch screen, flying vertically is comfortable enough. The models of the bomber and enemies look quite realistic.

This 2D platformer has excellent graphics with good detail and destructible objects. Also pleasing to the eye all sorts of special effects, a la explosions, dynamic shadows, and even changing weather.


Of course, the already legendary Infinite Dreams gaming sound included at one of the best platform games ever. Electronic music sounds very lively and involves the process. Audio effects accompany the game with shots, and each type of weapon has its unique sound.


Flying through eight game levels, you have to try your hand at the boss at the end of every other one. So there are four bosses in the game. However, mostly you will have to fight with planes, towers, tanks, and other equipment.

Total passing the game will take about an hour, so count on a rich storyline do not have to. But it is entirely compensated by the drive and emotions that give the gameplay.

By the way, the game has a sequel called Sky Force Reloaded. It’s worth tasting too.

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There are three types of difficulty and bombers. The last ones are the classic division into the fast with bad armor, complete antipode, and the third counterpart is the average in everything.

The available weapons include bombs, lasers, and machine guns. They are complementing by bonuses of all kinds – from health upgrades to increased firing speed.

With each new level, the dynamics of the game become more intense and require more concentration. Control is simple and convenient – just what you need for this kind of flying adventure.

Interesting that the version for modern smartphones has its sequel too. It calls Sky Force 2014.


To me, Sky Force is one of the best platformers for mobile phones. It applies to both 2000s and today’s time. So if you think about getting to know this genre, the choice is obvious.

Thank you for your attention, friends. I’ll see you in new materials. Bye, everybody!

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