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Not many games had released in beta versions for N-Gage. However, the lion’s share of them can compete with official colleagues. The same I can say about the Atlantis Redux.

It’s an exciting adventure quest linked to Atlantis. About this legendary island was told to me by my favorite writer, Jules Verne, when I was a little bit younger. I wonder, if he lived in our time, how would he describe his journey to it? Perhaps it wouldn’t have been much different from the story of the game…



In the best traditions of the genre, a graphics is a series of consecutive pictures. In our case, they are also in 360-format. Also, there are interesting video inserts present in the game for more than half an hour.


Against the background plays a rather original instrumental music, which allows you to the game’s mysterious atmosphere. A voice accompanies character dialogues, what can not but please. There are also sound effects of individual locations and puzzles.


Although the game appeared in the middle of the 2000s, the story’s events are playing almost our days. To be more precise – in 2020. Is it just coincidence or…?

So, a young archaeologist is looking for an answer to ancient Egyptian legends, the mystery of which gives this girl no peace. The scripture says that there used to be a massive metropolis in the desert lands.

And so, she rushes to meet the adventures ahead of her. However, on the way, our heroine gets into an accident and finds herself in the middle of nowhere. Finding a mysterious place where the guards are not welcome, she meets a man named Targui. Subsequently, he saves her life.

Later its route, bypassing ancient Egypt, runs through the edges of the Thousand and One Nights, as well as on snowy glaciers. So the game is a real treasure trove for fans to immerse themselves in the depths of the ages.

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This quest quickly involves the process, and it is sometimes tough to stop. It makes you want to go through it without pausing. So it’s worth taking the hat off to the developers for that moment in this N-Gage game review. 

Many puzzles, the appearance of which the evolution of the storyline makes only becoming more frequent, contribute to even greater interest in the game.


Atlantis Redux will be a real catch for adventure game lovers. A no less vivid visual component complements a tasty story. It’s perfect for quenching your thirst for curiosity.

So you can go looking for Atlantis with Nokia N-Gage in your hands. Well, searching for the 2000s is worth going to the Smart2000s because that’s where they moved. Have a nice day, everybody! See ya in new materials.

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