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Will Rock, along with Serious Sam, nurtured an entire generation of gamers. I am sure that for many of us, teenagers of the zeros, today’s guest has remained the landmark shooter. Here the most exciting storyline is harmoniously combined with bright graphics. And the cherry on the cake is the powerful title music theme.



The historical scenery of the city, steeped in legends, is fluttering and striking in its expanse. The temples, both outside and inside, are also beautifully created. You can see that the developers devoted a lot of attention to a detailed study of ancient Greece’s architecture.

Everywhere you will be interrupted by different creatures. Many opponents are drawn on solid 5/5, as for the year of the shooter game’s release. The pieces of meat and fragments of monuments left over from the killed opponents look pretty realistic (but not too brutal). The same I can say for the gunshots and other effects.


It was here that I first heard the legendary rock classic “I Wanna Rock” by Twisted Sister. And a little later, I caught it on the radio waves of Vice City. Except for the music, the remarks of the protagonist himself had also heard in the game. Will shines with his great sense of humor with enviable regularity.

Similarly, the sound effects do not leave your ears in the company of silence, especially during the hottest moments of the battles. Each type of opponent in the first-person shooter has its own unique sound.


“Once upon a time, the ancient Greeks ruled the world. Their gods commanded the universe from the top of Mount Olympus. The world flourished under their patronage. But nothing lasts forever… Battle after battle – and the power-hungry Romans brought the bloody end of the Greeks closer. The Greek gods had imprisoned in their castle, in a secluded spot on Olympus, never to see the light of day again.

Their guardian was Prometheus, who, against his will, was forced to do so. And the ancients had nothing more to hope for… or so they only thought. An extremist group called the Olympus Restoration Army wanted to bring back the ancient system. So far, it hadn’t made itself known.”

It is how the storyline begins at one of the most interesting first-person shooter games of the era. Straight from Chicago, young archaeologist Will Rock, Dr. Richard Headstrong, an expert in cryptology (no, it’s far from the cryptocurrencies), and his daughter Emma arrives at the ancient Mount Olympus.

Near them is a camp with scientists who have been drinking without drying out for weeks instead of digging. When our company manages to find the cipher that unlocks the ancient lost city entrance, these comrades next door attack Emma and take her as a hostage.

It kicks off an adventure that I’ve enjoyed more than once in my time. And I’m still doing it even right now, in parallel with writing this very article.

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The complexity of the video game is pretty decent. To make you understand – a lot of enemies know how to shoot ahead of your movement. There are opponents for every taste – from harmless birds spewing lightning to monsters the size of three-story houses.

Speaking of them, many of those creatures appear pretty suddenly. For example, you can walk through the clear corridor, and suddenly some monster will be “born” behind you. Also, in the game, there are a lot of bonuses and types of weapons.

Statistics in the application consists of data such as:

  • the time spent in the game;
  • the number of enemies killed;
  • the number of secrets found;
  • collected gold;
  • preferred weapons;
  • accuracy of hits.


For me, Will Rock became a classic of fps games on a par with Duke Nukem and Doom. However, I have never gone through the latter entirely, but I have virtually frisked in Ancient Greece quite often.

Well, friends, that’s it for today. If you liked my recollections – I recommend you try and hang out in this game. Good luck!

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