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The pedigree of vertically scrolling shoot them up video games is very modestly revealed in the collection of apps for the zeros mobile phones. Interstellar Flames is the representative of this genre in this entertainment universe. I will say more. The project is multiplatform. The user can play it on a variety of devices running different operating systems, including Symbian OS

This review is particular because this game runs on both Gages pretty well. Here is a couple of interesting facts for you. Firstly, for Nokia N-Gage/Nokia N-Gage QD, there aren’t many well-adapted games from the outside (I mean the Java and Symbian applications). Secondly, our today’s hero represents a truly classic genre. And it seems strange to me that this graph is empty among the profile releases for N-Gage.

It is theoretically possible to play Space Impact. However, it’s only realistic to run it with a cartridge. There are no working downloadable versions online. The physical copy itself is scarce and expensive (£250 on eBay). So this is not a mass release. I wish I could at least get it for review…

But that’s another story. In the meantime, meet our mobile game!



By the standards of the dawn of mobile gaming, the graphics in Interstellar Flames is quite good. Let me remind you that the release saw the world in 2003. For those times, the mere presence of 3D textures was considered cool. The third-person view feels quite comfortable. So it’s not a 2D platformer like Sky Force, for example.

Some pixelation is present, but this does not affect the emotions received from the gameplay. The spaceship models had drawn in sufficient detail. To a lesser extent, I can say this about the asteroids and the alien base.

But all of these minor flaws disappear when you dive into the game dynamics to the fullest. And it comes to the forefront as soon as the mission had started. So fans of the genre will not be disappointed.


I did not hear any music in the game. Not even in the menu. Special effects had represented by the sounds of gunshots, explosions, and opening bonuses. Yes, the audio track is not the most extensive.

Perhaps this is one of those releases that you can play without sound. At the same time, it will have almost no effect on the game’s experience. For example, it’s the complete antipode of Ashen. Because there, without the soundtrack, you lose a good half of the game’s atmosphere. But here, it is not so critical.


The platformer legend had divided into three stages:

  1. Invasion fleet. The enemy has sent a fleet of dreadnoughts to attack our planet. We need to destroy all the shield generators of each of them. It will leave the enemy fleet harmless and vulnerable.
  2. Defense outposts. Here our task is to attack alien defense redoubts and take out enemy cannons.
  3. Alien home fleet. In the final phase, you must raze the entire alien home fleet. The significant outcome, so to speak.

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The controls in the game are simple and straightforward. For example, with just one button, you can turn 180 degrees in a second. Also, the presence of automatic fire has pleased me in this representative of platform games.

Interestingly, the game will display the destruction of the enemy of a particular type in a certain way in the future. Let’s take a brief look at some of them. By destroying the radar dishes, you will reduce the accuracy of the enemy’s cannons. It is essential because they are very dangerous.

And destroying the shield generators will put your opponent in a very unenviable position. After all, this will make them very vulnerable. Before the battle, we had given five lives. Another nice bonus is the ability to pick up weapons from downed enemy ships.


Friends, with today’s article, I have tried to reunite two crucial things from gaming history. Of course, I mean the legendary genre and the legendary platform. So I’ll be glad if my story will open another exciting option for Nokia N-Gage owners to have a fun leisure time.

After all, Interstellar Flames is an almost unexplored topic. But we can not run so many games on our favorite devices. So, in any case, I’m sure that the release will find its audience. At least among those people who have tried all the games for N-Gage. But they’ll still want to savor something new on their legendary device.

So such an original material came out today. Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day everyone. See you very soon!

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