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I remember how, in the summer of 2008, I got stuck in a terrifying app. Okay, it’s not what you’d call a mega horror game, but the creators definitely wanted to emphasize the scary nature of the characters you’d have to fight. For any RPG, such enemies would not be new. But that’s the point. We’re dealing with a soccer arcade game, such flights of fancy developers I have not seen before nor after this football simulator. That’s why it appeals to me.

Let’s see, maybe you, friends, will also like Cristiano Ronaldo Underworld Football. At least, without much hope, I would not create this material. So let’s shake off the dust from this game, retrieving it from the jungle of the past, and let it feel actual again, at least for a while.

So, the imaginary referee’s whistle has sounded. Let’s go!



Guys, this is a Java game from 2006, which weighs 200 kilobytes. Do I have to say that it is not FIFA 2005 for N-Gage in terms of realistic graphics? However, it makes you forget about this nuance, thanks to the originality of its world.

We won’t have to play on traditional football fields covered with soft green grass. It will be the ice, an old castle, and even a cemetery. How do you like this battlefield design?

As for the virtual model of Cristiano, the Portuguese had presented in the guise of his national team uniform. His partners had drawn in black shirts and shorts.

But it is much more interesting to look at the fictional anti-heroes. They present a succession of pretty well-drawn characters. Of course, you won’t see minor details of their outfits. But they look excellent, considering the screen resolution of 176Ă—208 pixels.


The polyphonic melodies emphasize the darkness of the atmosphere, as well as the MIDI format allows. No complaints about that. But I don’t have any enthusiasm for writing eulogies to the composers either. Everything sounds quite acceptable. I never expect more from the Java platform, to be honest.


Cristiano Ronaldo and his companions find themselves in an underworld that is crawling with “cute” creatures. They organize a tournament for the famous footballer and leave him no choice. After all, he can get out only by defeating all the participants.

In total, there are four types of rivals. These are elves, skeletons, orcs, and some green freaks. By the way, I mentioned the imaginary referee earlier for a reason. Because in this mobile game, there is no referee at all. The dungeon inhabitants will clearly show Cristiano that rumors about fair play rules have not reached their depths.

Each new adversary will make a mess of things in his own way and prevent you from finding your best game. Don’t be discouraged. Ronaldo and the team can also do absolutely anything they want on the field. That only makes the process more fun.

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I’ll start with the game’s engine, which is a kind of original one. For example, I love it very much. Someone, on the contrary, may not like it at all. Its peculiarity is very smooth and gradual acceleration. Plus, turn will have to so, as if you do not control a player, but a humanoid car.

That is, changing your movement’s direction, your character does not immediately begin to move correctly but slowly changes its route. Someone may be annoyed by this process. However, this unique approach only entices me to dive into this arcade game even more.

Superpower is the coolest thing about the release. Let me explain what the point is. The juice is that each of your opposing teams has exclusive features. When you defeat your opponents, you get their superpowers in your arsenal. It, in turn, can be used in the next matches.

Now let’s go through each of them separately. Skeletons can suddenly teleport and intercept the ball. Orcs can freeze certain parts of the field, causing their opponents to fall through the ice. Vampires can stop their rivals in one spot for a few seconds.

My favorite is the skeletons’ skill. Sounds good, right? It looks even more incredible! In general, it’s a mega acceleration. It’s just perfect for many phases of the match. And do I need to tell you how awesome Cristiano looks when using this superpower? He’s like a racing car, and it’s fantastic to watch.

However, there’s a little nuance. All superpowers tend to discharge. So you need to possess the ball as long as possible to recharge the “battery” faster. As for the game modes, I can notice two of them – the quick game and the cup.

Controls in Underworld Football are straightforward. To change the player’s motion, use the joystick or the keys 2, 4, 6, and 8. You can perform a tackle/make passes by 5, and the 0 button is for shots. Also, the 0 key is responsible for switching between teammates when you are defending. You can also use the “*” and the “#” to select a superpower. The first one is responsible for the confirmation. The second one switches the available skills.

But that’s not all. I want to give some bonus advice to those who also want to play. If you got to experience, it is sometimes even possible to score goals from your half of the field. It can have accomplished if a few factors had met.

First, you have to shoot from the corner of the goalkeeper area because the shot is direct. If you hit from the center of your goal, it will come straight into the hands of the goalkeeper on the other side of the field. Secondly, you need the ball’s trajectory to be “clean” from the players (both yours and the opponents’). Otherwise, the ball will fall to its feet.


I can’t say that Cristiano Ronaldo Underworld Football was an unqualified hit in its time. But for me, as a longtime fan of Ronaldo’s talent, this game was already exciting. The original zest I touched on during the review only added to its importance in the list of games on my smartphone.

So there you go, fellas. I hope you enjoyed my audacity in sharing my memories of such an underground game in every sense. That’s all for now. Don’t get lost by any means, friends.

I look forward to seeing you in my new materials. Good luck!

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