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People of my generation probably learned about pinball for the first time thanks to the Windows operating system. I could play it for hours when I went to my dad’s office. So, hundreds of millions of people were familiar with the game because of Microsoft’s creation.

But Mile High Pinball was possible to play only for Nokia N-Gage owners because it is an exclusive release for this platform. Well, let’s see what makes it good.



The graphics in the mobile game is almost perfect. As for its genre and time, of course. The animation of the action is quite lovely, just as the texture details are. For example, I really like the eagle flying in the background. There is no lagging or pixelation. Everything runs smoothly.

I can say the same about the bonuses’ animation, which the game has a vast amount. In addition, absolutely every level has its own style. It includes a unique type of enemies, bumpers, and puzzles.


The music in this game for Nokia N-Gage is delightful. It’s mostly live instrumental compositions. Sometimes they are diluted by melodies that flow from synthesizers. The special effects do not cut the hearing, as in some other games of this genre. Overall, I would have preferred to play with sound. There’s nothing supernatural here. But it’s also hard to criticize something, anyway.


The developers called their creation Mile High Pinball for a reason. After all, the game includes 65 pinball boards. Can you imagine how high our “entertainment tool” will be if you put together all these parts? It could be the world’s highest gaming machine!

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The controls in the game are ultra simple. In fact, it comes down to a couple of buttons. Nothing extra. Except that in the menu and when selecting bonuses, you have to use the joystick. The game has a whole separate store for them. There you can buy and sell your bonuses.

Another interesting thing is the huge number of these very bonuses. There are 35 of them in the game. It can be as trivial multipliers of points, as well as money. For virtual cash, you can buy other types of bonuses. For example, to slow down the ball or grow its wings. Original, isn’t it?

But it is not all. There are negative bonuses too. How about the invisible ball? Yes, it becomes tough to play. However, if you look closely, you can see your ball. It will seem like a drop of water.

Let’s move on to the puzzles. I like that they look different all the time. Somewhere you have to fight against enemies cunningly. Elsewhere you’ll need to turn on a few switches to get to the next level. This variety makes the game even more enjoyable.

There are similarities with Ball Rush Aqua. Since the brainchild of Herocraft came out later, we can assume that this game inspired these guys. I’m referring to the feature of the levels. It’s like you’re going up through them. At the beginning of each new level, the ball is flying with the same force flying away from the previous one.

The game engine is quite different from what most of us had used to (I mean Pinball for Windows). There is a greater emphasis on beauty rather than realism. I like this nuance. What about you, friends?

A funny vibration sometimes suddenly bursts into the gameplay. It’s like thunder. You’re playing quietly, and at the moment, your phone starts to vibrate strongly. It happens in response to events in the game. So I enjoyed this experience a lot.

I’m also glad to mention in this N-Gage game review that we can find a multiplayer mode via Bluetooth. Being as a server, players can customize the future game to their liking. Guys, don’t forget to ask your friend’s opinion as well. Be conscientious!

So, we can choose one of the 65 pinball boards. Then we have to decide on the duration of the game. It can last from 30 seconds up to infinity. After that, we choose the type of primary target. It can be points, money, or altitude. Their desired amount also depends on your preferences.


Mile High Pinball is an excellent choice for having a fun time. You can play by yourself or with friends (which multiplies the level of fun). So I recommend it to all fans of simple but addictive games.

With you today was Bohdan and Smart2000s project. See you soon!

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