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In one of my previous articles, I told about the history of my acquaintance with Symbian OS. I have to say that I still use Nokia 6630. Today it feels great, although I spent more than half a decade with it as my primary device.

I had to change it only because of the lack of Wi-Fi. I did not chase after the latest Android software because the good old Simba perfectly handled the necessary tasks. And the presence of a touch screen did not excite me too much.

Maybe if I already had a high-quality 3G at that time in Ukraine, I postponed purchasing a new device until 2015-2016 (when the era of messengers began). Since my Nokia phone is the first smartphone in the world with 3G support.

But alas, the operators did not yet have coverage, and I needed fast Internet. I found studying at university boring and uninteresting for me. Even years later, I revealed this point in one of my books. So I needed a solution for cheating, not to waste time studying unnecessary information (which, by the way, I still have no use for).

Unfortunately, passing ten years with one device did not work out. Though I would have been glad to do it – I love Symbian OS, games for Nokia N-Gage, and my Nokia 6630. Someone will say: “Extraordinary man. Use it when you can buy the latest iPhone or a new Android flagship”.

I know very well what they can do. However, until recently, these functions were unnecessary to me, or it was more convenient to do them with a modern computer, camera, etc.

Using a smartphone running Symbian OS these days would be a fascinating anti-trend for me. To bring it to life and create a unique renaissance. After all, as paradoxical as it sounds, it is now possible to use Symbian version 8 to its fullest extent. And I will explain to you in detail why it is so.



Let’s start with the fact of the web-surfing in a new way. Now, finally, quality 3G is available. At the same time, it is possible to install good browsers. For example, Opera or UC Browser. And ProfiMail allows you to use e-mail comfortably enough.

The Hackneyed Look of Touchscreens

If the touchscreen used to have novelty status, today, it has become commonplace. And thanks to the old Nokia smartphone, it is possible to savor the sensation of know-how again, just as it used to be when switching from the keyboard to the touchscreen. But now, it’s working in the opposite direction.


Want to watch movies/listen to great music with the most modern headphones? No problem. First, install SmartMovie/Jukebox from Lonely Cat Games. Then take out the adapter to the 3.5 jack and drop movies/songs onto a 2 GB MMC card. It’s the maximum supported size – not very big by today’s standards, but enough for several hours of HD video in AVI format/fifty tracks in FLAC format, which can be changed whenever and however you want.

I also recommend the excellent file manager Xplore, by the same Slovaks from Lonely Cat Games. I especially want to thank them for putting all their high-quality Symbian applications on free download access a few years ago. It’s worthy of respect.

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Nostalgia or the Opposite – a Completely New Emotions

It is a matter of personal history – to regenerate feelings from the past or create new ones that you have not yet experienced. Anyway, one thing is sure: it will be an unforgettable sensation. And, of course, your phone design will be the most original among your friends’ devices.


Here we get to the icing on the cake, which is the topic of many articles on my blog. Just look at any of my smartphone reviews, and you will find that they support not only Symbian games but also a fairly large number of releases for N-Gage and the Java platform.

It is also possible to install various emulators, with which you can play hundreds of games from third-party platforms – like Nintendo’s Mario Bros. to computer’s Doom.

These were my thoughts about the Symbian Renaissance. Perhaps it is only a naive dream. But I sincerely hope that there will be enthusiasts with whom we will revive that glorious era.

I wish you all good health and see you in the next articles!

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