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Not so long ago, Symbian was the best operating system for smartphones. In those days, a lot of great games were developed for devices based on it. Today I propose to remember the significant ones. These are the apps that helped me stay awake at school.

It is doubly joyful to realize that it is possible nowadays to run them even on modern smartphones and computers using emulators. So a nostalgia session is guaranteed for everyone. It’s funny to see that I have needed some disciplines in my life much less than these games – for example, at the moment.

I don’t mean to say that studying is a pointless waste of time. That’s not true. The point is that you have to learn what you like. Within reasonable limits, of course. I explained this idea in more detail in my book called “How to Monetize your Hobby.”

In the meantime, let’s take a look at the stuff smartphones were filled with in the 2000s. Ready? Steady? Go!

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40. Aquanoid

Let’s start with a representative of the classic game genre, which was founded by Atari. In our case, we have a more modern version of the visuals. However, the concept of the gameplay itself has not changed much. We need to collect points. They are accumulated by knocking down a variety of objects that appear in front of us.

39. Interstellar Flames

The next guest on today’s list of the best Symbian games is a member of another style family. Shoot ’em up were very popular in the 1980s. And with the arrival of 3D games, they got a new breath of fresh air. Here the developers invite us to go into space to destroy enemies and at the same time admire the local landscapes with a second-person view.

38. Arcade Park

Another app that evokes the nostalgia of games of the late 20th century. It is similar to the Atari Masterpieces series for N-Gage. It is also a collection of retro games. However, this time, they have a new look. There are a total of nine classic legends of their industry.

37. Moorhen Camera X

This is a game that many of you might remember because of your old PC. Here we need to test our marksmanship. Shoot and win. It’s easy! The only obstacle will be the timer. And then there are the unpredictable locations of new targets. So it will be fun to play.

36. Dreamway

And here’s a great top-down racing game. I especially like the cartoon graphics here. It’s great! The soundtrack is also a pleasure. There are a total of seven music tracks that you can enjoy while driving these small but very cool cars.

35. Star Warriors

Another shoot ’em up project. However, in this case, we have a third-person view, just like in Dreamway. But in Star Warriors, there is no place for racing around in tiny cars. Here we are defending ourselves against enemies. This happens not only on the Earth but also in space. The graphics is significantly different from the one presented in Interstellar Flames. So no monotony in our list of the best Symbian games 😉

34. Hexxagon Labs

Friends, did you like chemistry when you were in school? I didn’t either. But I like this game even though it has to do with chemical elements. It’s basically an improved Othello board game. I recommend Hexxagon Labs to anyone who wants to spend their free time with benefits for the intellect. Plus, it’s pretty entertaining. A great option if you only have a few minutes but want to play something interesting.

33. Rick Rocketson

I used to play this game a lot when I was in my senior year of high school. My Nokia 6630 well remembers the levels, which I had to pass several times. Indeed, this 2D platformer is challenging. The excellent graphics and retro-style soundtrack take the player back to the heyday of the Sega Mega Drive.

32. Hockey Rage 2005 3D

Ice, hockey sticks, puck, and implacable rivalry – that’s all about this game. Here excellent graphics perfectly conveys all the tension and exciting international competitions. Fans of this sport will certainly enjoy playing this hockey simulator.

31. Metal Bluster 2

I think I wasn’t the only one who loved watching Japanese cartoons about robots as a kid. Isn’t that right, boys? Well, here we have an excellent realization of the idea of bringing such steel heroes to life inside our smartphones. The charismatic soundtrack and nice visualization of the techno world will not let you quickly forget about Metal Bluster 2.

30. Happy Lines / Snow Lines

I’ve combined these two games and assigned them one place on today’s list of the best Symbian games for several reasons. Firstly, they are almost identical in gameplay. The exceptions are the weather and view changes. Secondly, they are the creations of HeroCraft. The guys have given the world a lot of cool games.

In this case, they created two interesting puzzle games with catchy music. Though I am not a fan of the genre, even I really enjoyed playing these games. So they are clearly worth a look.

29. Prince of Persia

The famous game franchise made its way to smartphones based on Symbian OS in the late 2000s. We are offered to make a journey to the ancient East. Along the way, we have to demonstrate the acrobatic abilities of our hero.

The soundtrack and especially the graphics have left me with very positive impressions. Friends, if you want adventures, this game is strictly for you. Thrilling experience guaranteed!

28. Midnight Bowling 3D

I have more skills at this game than at bowling in real life. My friends had to pay a lot more money for our session than we had expected from the beginning. All because I got caught in a frame that takes the pins away.

Fortunately, the fiasco in this bowling simulator won’t make your wallet lose weight. Plus, nice polyphonic tunes will relax you before the critical contests. So Symbian games save players’ budgets. Checked by me personally 🙂

27. Another World

Now we have in front of us a superb port of a computer game that was quite popular in the 1990s. It is complicated to play. At least, I still haven’t fully completed the variety of challenges the game world offers here.

The soundtrack is relatively modest, but this point is more than compensated by an exciting plot. The developers successfully managed to show a compelling story of the protagonist. The gameplay fully assists this and gives the impression that we are in a sci-fi novel, similar to my work called “2020”.

26. Karma Fighter

This is perhaps the best fighting game for the Symbian OS (if we don’t consider the competitors from the N-Gage platform, of course). The animated graphics and a very appropriate battle soundtrack immerse the player in the atmosphere of Eastern fights.

You can choose the character you are most impressed with and go to conquer the tournament. The opponents will become more difficult with each round, and thanks to this, the game is becoming more and more enjoyable.

25. Four Elements

Here we are finally getting a strategy game on our list of Symbian games today. It’s a very complex game, I must say. You will be invited to develop your industry, organize trade and strengthen the position of your army. You will fight for living space until you conquer the whole world.

Events take place in the future when all of Earth’s mineral resources have run out. Fortunately, scientists have discovered a new type of energy based on the reaction of 4 chemical elements. These elements can be found on a newly discovered planet.

Four nations have divided the distant planet into sectors, but each has a specific advanced technology that allows only one of these elements to work correctly. And as a result, the alien planet has become a battleground for energy.

24. Spider-Man: Toxic City

Is it a comic book in a game or a game in a comic book? That’s the central question of the app. Either way, many exciting levels are waiting for you. There you will have to jump a lot and use the web, as it befits a real spider-man.

The graphics in the game is qualitative and really looks like a comic book. In addition to the visuals, Spider-Man: Toxic City has a good story. Events develop interestingly, and there is always an intrigue that makes you wonder what will happen next.

23. Massive Snowboarding

I have never been a fan of extreme sports. I usually played football outdoors and went sledding in the winter. However, this did not prevent me from spending dozens of hours in simulators of very dangerous sports disciplines. One of them is Massive Snowboarding.

You are offered several characters to choose from. Then you will have to watch how they will fall on the snowy slopes. How often they will do it depends on your dexterity and mastery. Or maybe you’ll be good enough to help them to show only successful stunts? Let’s see!

22. Stunt Car Extreme

Although this racing game was not very popular, I consider it one of my favorites among the genre’s representatives. In Stunt Car Extreme, we can drive huge cars in different weather. Also, the geometry of the tracks is very unconventional and makes you sweat a lot to be the first on the finish line.

Separately I would like to mention the graphics and the first person view. Sometimes I felt like these events were happening to me in real life. And it’s precisely for this kind of feeling that we play such games, isn’t it?

21. Bounce

It’s time to remember the classics from Nokia. Friends, I dare say that you remember this game better than any other. Because it was installed in many smartphones and phones from the Finns. The task we have here is straightforward. However, it is not so easy to implement.

So, we need to control the ball and help it pass all the obstacles in its path. The graphics is very simple, as well as the background sound. But the gameplay is outstanding. I am sure that this game will be remembered for a long time.

20. Real Football 2009

As an avid fan of the world’s most popular sport, I’ve played this game a lot. It’s a great football simulator that you can spend hours playing. Among the advantages, I can mention the excellent 3D graphics, the wide variety of teams, and the good physics.

Many game modes won’t let you get bored. Among them, there is even multiplayer via Bluetooth. So you can gather your friends and organize tournaments right at home.

19. Rainbow Jek

A funny story plus a world of reptiles create Rainbow Jek. This is a platformer with an unusual character on center stage that we have to control. He has to save his friends who are trapped. So the players will go to the world of chameleons and flies.

Well, the wisest creature here is a toad that will be giving out tips to Jek. This fascinating game helps us to pass the time watching the adventures of our hero. Levels here are not the easiest. So go ahead and save the reptiles!

18. Tilelander

I loved playing this game when I was a freshman at university. Here the logical component is harmoniously complemented by the creators’ good sense of humor. This is clearly evident when considering the levels. They are all performed uniquely, and each has its own flavor. Guys, as you can see, the graphics here, though simple, but pleases the eye. All the visual effects and animation look great.

This is a game that you can play any amount of time. That is, if you have only a couple of minutes, you can pass one or two rounds (if you succeed, of course). If you desire to play longer, there is a vast number of levels waiting for you.

17. Raging Thunder

Here arrived another racing game in this list of the best Symbian games. You get control over the most powerful cars. Compete with opponents controlled by artificial intelligence. They are unyielding and dexterous.

So you’ll have to develop your own unique style to start winning. Hardcore racing awaits you, which can be an extraordinary challenge in your gamer’s life. Good luck on the track!

16. Lock’n’Load 2

Fellas, do you miss the classic shooters from the 1990s? I got it! Here’s a great excuse to relive those special moments. For me, as an example, Doom was the first computer game I ever played. And the hero of these lines is the creation that the developers created under the inspiration of such FPS.

No matter how much time you spend in the game, you will definitely notice one thing. It consists of the fact that the old-school style thoroughly permeates this shooter. The only difference is that the graphics is much better. Plus, you only need two smartphones to be able to play it together with your friends. This feature is implemented by using the connection via Bluetooth.

If you like the game, I also recommend you to play its predecessor. It has a pretty obvious name, Lock’n’Load.

15. Ball Rush Aqua

The 15th place is taken by the legendary Arkanoid in a modern wrapper. There are more than a hundred unique stages of the game, two difficulty levels, and a fair amount of bonuses. With this mix, the gameplay becomes even more intense and exciting.

There are 13 different types of blocks with varying degrees of stability, and some of them can be restored after being destroyed. And others are almost impossible to crush. But your arsenal is ready for such tests – fire & ice shells, missiles & bombs will help you pierce your way to freedom.

14. Tomb Raider: Legend

Boys, who wants to meet a beauty named Lara Croft? But be warned, she’s a very dangerous girl. She can handle a gun just as well as she can break a man’s heart. Although this is just a rumor … And on review, we have another game dedicated to this Amazon of the modern world.

Incredible 3D graphics will help to fully enjoy the appearance of the heroine and in thought-out detail levels. I will not say that the game is challenging. Likewise, it can’t boast an extended storyline. But it is enough to plunge you into the space of secret tasks for a few hours.

13. Stolen in 60 Seconds

It seems to me that in no other game are the complex gameplay and simple storyline so closely related as here. It’s as if the developers didn’t want to overload the player with information. And they did for some reason. After all, the creation of HeroCraft contains several branches of the same genre. This strategy has elements of step-by-step planning and action in real-time.

In addition, the creators included a lot of thieves’ tools in the game, each of which requires an extraordinary approach. You’ll also be able to choose to team up with a few guys with unique characteristics and life backgrounds. Accordingly, each plan and heist will be unrepeatable in its conception.

12. Asphalt 4 Elite Racing

An entire generation of gamers grew up under the influence of this series of arcade races. Just look at its two parts for Nokia N-Gage QD. However, the 4th one for Symbian OS is also quite good. This game is definitely good as an option when you’re looking for fun and emotions.

Here you will meet influential racers, drive expensive cars and ride them in the most famous cities of the world. Additionally, I will please fans of the rivalry with their friends. Guys, here you will find multiplayer mode via Bluetooth. Exciting races for everyone!

11. Lament Island

This game had one of the loudest releases of the second half of the 2000s. It was impressive in its graphics, and the extra spice in this dish was the engaging story that we had to go through with the main character. His name is Roy, and he suddenly finds himself on an unknown island. There he walks into an abandoned castle. 

Events begin to turn, and the guy realizes that he is not alone in this ancient building. We have a lot of puzzles to solve by making figures out of pieces of paper that will appear on Roy’s way. It was this game has introduced me to the art form of origami. Friends, why don’t you try your hand at a similar activity?

10. RollBot: Escape to Freedom

I would put this game first if this material was about those Symbian games that make me nostalgic for Nokia 6630. It was my first smartphone. To this day, it remains my favorite one. And it so happens that the easiest way to evoke my emotions is through music.

So when I hear the tunes from RollBot: Escape to Freedom, I immediately imagine this miracle of technology in front of me. And on the screen, I see how the little ball wanders the dangerous world. Fortunately, the top view and graphics here are maximum quality executed, as for the size of the game. It is only about 700 kilobytes.

I don’t even see the point in talking about the soundtrack. I think you’ve already figured out that it’s phenomenal. These are 8-bit melodies that perfectly fit the atmosphere of the game.

9. Virtual Pool Mobile

This is probably the most realistic billiards simulator for cell phones. More than that, it deserves to be in the same line as the creations for the N-Gage platform. After all, what is the most important thing for such an app? In my opinion, it is the game’s physics. After all, it’s not so important how good the visuals are (and they’re almost perfect here).

At the forefront are the feelings of control and the effects of your actions. This is a bit too technical said, but I hope that the point is clear. This element is worked out at the highest level here. Even if you are not a fan of billiards, you should try to play this game. Because it’s too good.

8. Robo

Friends, meet another robot on our way to the top of the list. This time we face an exciting puzzle game, where we have to roam through challenging levels. Our hero’s name is Robo, and he’s trying to save his girlfriend. She has fallen into the hands of bad guys. We are invited to use our intelligence to defeat evil.

What a good idea! I wish it were always like this in life. No guns, just logical tasks. That way, everyone would be happy, clever, and live in peace. Well, let’s experience something like that, at least through the game. By the way, the soundtrack here is potent in terms of quality. It is reminiscent of the music from retro cartoons based on space themes.

7. Sky Force

My favorite number 7 went to the latest member of the shoot ’em up genre in this material. It’s twice as encouraging that Infinite Dreams continued their glorious series of games and released it in a new version for modern smartphones. At times I enjoy running it on my LG G6.

The graphics and soundtrack here are delightful. Everything is in the signature style of the Polish creators. It can not be confused with the works of other companies. If you do not have a smartphone running Symbian OS and do not want to use emulators, I recommend downloading this game. On a large touchscreen, it looks even better than in its original version.

6. Brothers in Arms

The legendary British band Dire Straits has nothing in common with this game. However, their song with the same name could be the perfect title theme for Brothers in Arms. This shooter combines an interesting story with engaging gameplay. There are also no complaints about the quality of graphics and music.

Gameloft knows how to make great FPS and prove it once again. That is why there is a sequel to this game. It is not very different from the first part, so you may enjoy the sequel if you like the original game.

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5. Explode Arena

The final five finishers opened with the app, which even eclipsed the famous Bomberman. Yes, that’s right. Another brainchild of Infinite Dreams is genuinely fantastic. I have a lot to say about it, even if I don’t mention the great gameplay, graphics, and soundtrack.

The cherry on the cake here is the ability to play with friends. Just turn on the Bluetooth on your devices and enjoy the explosive battles. Folks, don’t forget to check out the full game reviews from me. To do so, just click on the title in the header of each position on the list.

4. Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles

This is a case where the port to mobile platforms is as good as other parts of Assassin’s Creed for PC. The developers offer players rich gameplay, a balanced mix of exploration and puzzles. Most importantly, everything takes place in a fully 3D world, designed in the spirit of the Middle East of the Crusades era.

You’ll get 6 types of weapons, original mini-games, and various bonuses (such as health and combat arsenal upgrades). And how can I not mention the plot? After all, here we are introduced to the prehistory of the entire Assassin’s Creed computer series. Are you ready to dive deeper into this game universe?

3. Super Miners

Yes, friends, I am a big fan of Infinite Dreams. But that in no way diminishes the merits of this game. How many good action puzzles can you name? There weren’t that many released for mobile. And indeed, Super Miners is the best of them.

When I remember how many hours I spent here, I involuntarily begin to admire the creators of this game. After all, this is not a genre that is easy to serve up as a dish for long savoring. Here you have to think and react all the time quickly. However, Super Miners is so great that it inspires and energizes you to go through new levels without interruption.

2. Revival

The duo of the best we have are games that are full of good humor. This is especially true for strategy games from HeroCraft. Why do I emphasize this aspect at a time when the genre is liable to seriousness? Because it’s a game, and there’s no place for boredom! Fortunately, many developers share my opinion.

There have been quite a few games released for smartphones running my favorite operating system that can bring a smile to your face. And sometimes, thanks to the unexpected turns of the story, you can even laugh a lot. Revival is one of those apps that are great for practicing abs muscles 🙂

1. K-Rally

Friends, this is the end of my article about the best Symbian games. Let me remind you that earlier I already published a similar work dedicated to N-Gage apps. The next ones will be about Java and PC games. So, I advise you to keep an eye on project Smart2000s.

And at the moment, we see Infinite Dreams’ fourth creation on today’s list. It’s the one that’s getting the gold. It is a cocktail of bombs, rockets, racing, and cool cars. And it’s all led by some very charismatic characters.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to have fun in great company. You will find a lot of modes, exceptional graphics, and a cool soundtrack. K-Rally is hard to leave, believe me from my experience. So I wish you to enjoy this game to the fullest, guys! See you soon!

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