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Guys, even if you didn’t have time in the 2000s to play apps for N-Gage and Symbian OS, you should remember games for this platform. After all, they were the best friends of our phones. And today, gamers can run them on a variety of gadgets using emulators. 

So after reading this article, you can go back in time by installing such programs and opening the games presented here. I also recommend downloading the Gameloft Classics app for modern smartphones. There you will find more than 30 cool creations from the French.

So, are you ready to go on a journey through the vast expanse of nostalgia? Then fasten your seat belts because we’re starting!

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20. Deep 3D

The list of the best Java games starts with a high-concept sci-fi adventure. The game takes you to Kappa, a distant water planet with exotic life forms. Here you will dive into a fascinating underwater world.

You will try on the role of an independent fisherman, living off the extraction of natural resources. And also, you will try your hand as a mercenary who performs combat missions for the colonists (they rule this planet).

The main intrigue is whether you can uncover all the secrets of the ongoing incident between rebels, pirates, and mysterious sea life forms. 

19. Rally Pro Contest

Now we move on to the representative of one of the most popular genres on the Java platform. I’m talking about rally simulators. How could it be without them, right? And now before us is a significant example of this pedigree. For me, it is interesting because it was thanks to it I discovered this style.

Of course, earlier, I had already savored its computer counterparts. However, I had no relevant experience in games for cell phones. So, Rally Pro Contest pleasantly surprised me with its 3D graphics and gameplay. In the mid-2000s, only competitors on the N-Gage platform could have looked better.

But it’s a gorgeous game for its size (which is only a few hundred kilobytes). In addition, there is an opportunity to play with friends thanks to the multiplayer mode. Developers implemented this option through the use of a Bluetooth connection. So Rally Pro Contest should prefer those guys who do not like to drive on the virtual roads alone.

18. Brain Genius

Entertainment apps are good. But what about games that improve intelligence? They are not boring at all. You should know what we’re talking about if you’ve seen the movie A Beautiful Mind. There the main character enjoys the process of solving various tasks. In this game, we have the opportunity to feel this condition.

By passing various arithmetic, logic, and memory tests, you can test your mental abilities and train your brain. After completing the primary levels, you’ll have access to additional mini-games such as Sudoku and Kakuro.

17. Townsmen 4

How many strategy games for mobile phones do you know that have more than three parts? There aren’t a lot of them. Now we have such one in front of us. This app is the fourth part of the Townsmen game franchise.

Here the simple graphics make up an exciting story. The main objective of the game comes down to the development of your city as a giant monastery. And it would be best if you increased its prestige and wealth. In performing this task, you will help by mastering the crafts of brewing and baking bread.  

16. Galaxy on Fire

This game will take you to the world of a galaxy torn apart by conflicts between different races and military formations. A vast list of willing individuals fights for the possession of parsecs of endless space. Among them are humans, aliens, humanoids, and cyborgs. You’ll have to “saddle up” in a space jet fighter and contribute to the general activity. Or maybe even stop them.

There are over 20 different types of spaceships to fight. Plus, there’s also the option to trade with 500 planets. The story is so intense that there are about 50 hours of gameplay. Also, note that the game’s sequels are available for modern smartphones.

15. Golf Pro 2

The advantage of the next app is the stunning graphics. It is almost complete 3D. Thanks to it, you can enjoy the English landscape. As with all golf simulators, the essence of the game comes down to aiming correctly and hitting the ball in the hole. It is almost impossible to do this on the first try.

But golf is not played to win soon, but to relax. Just chill out and admire those eternal green lawns. And success will come in the course of this pleasant process. So enjoy the competition, fellows!

14. Car Jack Streets

It’s time for GTA. To be more precise, a copy of the first part of the series. This time we are lucky enough to meet its version for cell phones. However, there is no plagiarism here. The leading creators of the game are the guys who created the original one for PC. 

Inside the display of your device, you can observe the familiar picture. Everything is almost exactly as in the classics of the 1990s: the top view, the fast cars, and the police. I spent many hours playing this game on my dad’s phone back in the 2000s, as my Nokia 6630 didn’t show such high FPS on this app.

13. Stack Attack

If I liked to play the previous game on my dad’s device, now I will talk about the one I found on my mom’s phone. It was the Siemens A65. For me, this app was incredibly fascinating. Here you have to move things around and at the same time try not to let new ones fall on your hero’s head.

It sounds simple. But I had to sweat a lot to achieve good results. At the same time, I managed to play one round for hours at a time. It was fun to spend long winter evenings playing this game. That’s the kind of memory I have with it, folks. I’m sure you also have a few ones in the store. Maybe you should open Stack Attack and relive those lovely days.

12. Cristiano Ronaldo Underworld Football

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of CR7’s talent. But this game I would play with rapture, even if I was not. This football simulator differs from its counterparts at the moment that creators wholly focused on one player. We are talking about Cristiano, of course.

For example, Marcel Desailly Pro Soccer has something in common with the French football player only in the title and menu’s background image. But in our case, we can play a tournament as a Portuguese and his friends. We will be up against a variety of weird opponents. Therefore, it is a lot of fun to play.

11. Rally Master Pro

Here is another rally simulator on our list. Fishlabs are true masters of creating games of this genre. Perhaps, in the second half of the 2000s, it was one of the most favorite companies among Java games fans. Judge for yourself. Their creations have excellent graphics, the option of multiplayer via Bluetooth connection, and interesting gameplay.

Rally Master Pro was no exception to this rule. The game involves the player from the first seconds. It gives bright emotions from the process of driving. In fact, in its time, it was one of the best representatives of the genre.

10. Anno: Create a New World

If you want to learn financial literacy and have fun simultaneously, I suggest playing this economic strategy game. In addition to its good educational aspect, the game boasts fascinating gameplay and a highly intriguing story. 

We have the honor to feel in the role of one of the sons of the king. It’s up to us to bring our people happiness, food, and profit, of course. To do this, we’ll have to go to uninhabited islands to create our settlements. We will need to develop them by using our intelligence and diplomatic skills.

9. Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile

The famous game franchise made its way to cell phones in the 2000s. Here creators combined the classic gameplay with popular songs that we could play on the guitar. All we had to do was skillfully press the buttons and listen to the melodies.

Music is a fantastic thing that brings generations of people together. Each of us has unique tastes. Some people like rock, and for others, the favorite genre will be electronica. But sometimes our preferences are the same.

I’m writing this article, and at the same time, I’m listening to Kool & The Gang’s discography playing in the background. Did you guys know that there were several saxophonists and only one guitarist in this great band for many years? All of them performed harmoniously together.

I would love to play in Saxophone Hero. Here’s an idea for a gaming startup, dear readers. This advice is exclusive from the Smart2000s project. By the way, I share other ideas for making money in my book called “How to Monetize Your Hobby.”

8. Revival 2

HeroCraft not only developed great apps for smartphones based on Symbian OS. They also didn’t ignore the segment of Java games. Before us is the sequel to the excellent strategy game Revival. The best thing here is that the sense of humor continues to reign in the app as before.

The sequel is not much different from the original. It was more of a release for those guys who liked the first part and wanted to continue the fun. So it still has superb gameplay and story, diluted with comedic inserts.

7. Playman Volleyball

It happens that there are very few volleyball simulators, both for cell phones and PC. But it is an exhilarating sport. The bitterness of defeat contrasts vividly with the sweetness of victory. Plus, enthusiasts can play it with both a small and extensive number of players.

As for this game, we have to play in pairs with a partner against two opponents. Each of them is unique, and that’s what I like most here. There are a total of five skill levels of volleyball players. Start your way from beating the beginners and reach the Olympus of the beach volleyball world.

6. Dynamite Fishing

I want to point out right away that you can’t harm any real animals in the battles taking place here. However, I cannot say the same about the sad moods that this game has wrecked. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, guns and dynamite are fishermen’s best buddies.

It would probably be very entertaining for NCIS to hunt down these kinds of characters. Except they wouldn’t want to get too close. Because the fishermen might come up in a submarine, they can hold dynamite and a bazooka. So if the usual fishing simulators seem dull to you, then the Java games area can offer you this terrific alternative.

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5. Gangstar: Crime City

The Mexican border is easy to cross illegally. At least this game and the fourth part of The Fast and the Furious movie franchise promote that. I wonder how many similar incidents in the late 2000s both of them provoked? I hope my worries are in vain.

And now for the guest itself, which came fifth on the list. It’s a GTA-style game, but it has its charm. Here, beautiful graphics envelop our phone screen. There we can watch the story progress and get involved in great gameplay. Do you like risk? Then Gangstar: Crime City is definitely for you.

4. Playman World Soccer

After volleyball, a football simulator from the Playman series appears in front of our eyes. Familiar graphics and signature gameplay appear in the game. In World Soccer, we will have to play by managing different national teams.

I like the fact that there is a wide variety of formations of players. After all, I love setting up tactics, as you have already understood from the material Football Dream Team of the 2000s. In addition, the game has a very well-designed kicking system. You can control the ball while it is flying. Thanks to this, you can score beautiful goals from long distances.

3. Bobby Carrot 5

Guys, let me remind you that you can click on the titles in this list of Java games if you see that I highlighted them. This nuance means that I’ve already written a full review of the game, and you can go to it if you click on the relevant link. For example, the material about Bobby Carrot 5 is ready for readers, as you can see.

As for the short overview of this game, I can note that it has become a no-doubt hit. The combination of logical puzzles and cute graphics will not let the sentimental hearts of intellectuals resist. And I’m sure that among us there are a lot of them.

2. V-Rally 3D

On the second position is a rally simulator. It was lucky enough to overtake its genre peers, thanks to an undeniable thing. It’s significant for the history of Java games. In my school, it was the most popular app of all time. Almost everyone played it. What is the secret of its success? Let’s find out.

At first glance, it strikes the hearts of gamers with chic graphics and beautiful scenery. Then we get our eyes on cool cars, choosing which we can go to conquer the championship. There we are, waiting for the excitement of tough competition. And if that’s not enough for you, you can fight with your friends in multiplayer mode via Bluetooth.

1. Gravity Defied

Before we get to the final position of this list, I would like to announce a material about the best PC games of the early 2000s. It will be published next Sunday. Also, don’t forget that earlier I released similar materials about games for N-Gage and Symbian OS.

So, first place won the legendary simulator from the mid-2000s. Here we can control a virtual motorcyclist who rides on breathtaking tracks. The main test for us appears to be the process of passing obstacles on its way.

That’s why fans adored this game, not for its graphics or sound (it wasn’t there at all, by the way). The key sweetness was the gameplay, which made it impossible to tear yourself away from Gravity Defied. This situation is reminiscent of my case with the app called Rider. I play it on my LG G6 with great pleasure, even though it has elementary graphics. But the gameplay is wonderful.

Friends, I hope you enjoyed today’s short excursion to the mobile games world of the 2000s. The next one will be coming very soon. So I wish you all good health in this turbulent time. Bye!

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