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I created this material dedicated to 2015 albums at the end of the relevant year. The idea of generating my own rating of the best long plays of this 12 months was flying in my head all first week of December. I analyzed the number of new albums from the music world that had gone through my ears. It seemed logical to form a certain top, reflecting the most high-quality works released in those twelve months.

This material was available only in Ukrainian for a long time. But today, I want to bring a nice gift to my English-speaking readers. After all, it’s awesome to share tasty things with other fans of good music. So I decided to make such a publication. Here we go!


List of the Best Compositions of the Year

  1. Jean Tonique – Fame for Sale (feat. Jessie Chaton)
  2. Kristine – The Danger
  3. CHVRCHES – Never Ending Circles
  4. New Order – Restless
  5. Allie X – Tumor
  6. Nero – Two Minds
  7. Timecop1983 – Lost Without You (feat. Matt Turkington)
  8. Metric – The Shade
  9. Trevor Something – Your Sex Is A Dream
  10. Swiss Lips – Books
  11. Vanbot – Shake
  12. Jean-Michel Jarre – Glory (feat. M83)
  13. Best Coast – California Nights
  14. Hurts – Wings
  15. Gavin Turek & TOKiMONSTA – Surrender
  16. Scorpions – We Built This House On Rock
  17. Kate Boy – Lion For Real
  18. Kill Paris – Arrival
  19. Young Wonder – Sweet Dreaming
  20. Giorgio Moroder – Right Here, Right Now (Feat. Kylie Minogue)
  21. Skylar Spence – I Can’t Be Your Superman
  22. LANY – Made in Hollywood
  23. Muse – Dead Inside
  24. LEMOLO – One To Love
  25. Selah Sue – Alone


Album of the year: Timecop1983 – Reflections

Music video of the year: Timecop1983 – Don’t Let Go (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)

The wonder of the year: Young Wonder

The comeback of the year: Blur – The Magic Whip

A disappointment of the year: Imagine Dragons – Smoke + Mirrors

Some numbers:

  • Scorpions have released “Return to Forever” in honor of their 50th anniversary
  • The album “Déjà Vu” became the first in the discography of the legendary Giorgio Moroder in 23 years

2015 Albums: The Top 10 List

1. Timecop1983 – Reflections

The long play refers to those works of musical art that live outside of time. It’s not affected by the calendar. I’m sure that after dozens of years, my skin will also get goosebumps while listening to “Reflections.” The album, without exaggeration, has every chance to be the best in the history of the retrowave genre.

2. CHVRCHES – Every Open Eye

I’ve been a fierce fan of these Scots since 2013. Despite the rather young age of the project, CHVRCHES surely can be called one of the best bands of synthpop style. “Every Open Eye” is filled with bright synth parts, delicate vocals, and original lyrics. If you are a fan of such a sound style, you won’t stay indifferent while listening to these guys.

3. Vanbot – Perfect Storm

Approximately 50-60% of my favorite artists and composers work/were born in Sweden or Great Britain. Those are the two scraps of the world closest to me in terms of musical preferences. I love the Swedish scene with its “synthetically cool tenderness,” which envelops my hearing so softly… Perhaps Vanbot is perfect for a sample of this kind of sound.

In my list of 2015 albums, “Perfect Storm” represents a holistic work that needs to be listened to from start to finish. Each successive composition represents an ideological continuation of the previous one. So the creation has the power to become a favorite in the collections of connoisseurs of sense in music.

4. Allie X – CollXtion I

After the release of the series of singles, Allie X finally shared with the world the complete album. In “CollXtion I,” the chic vocals seem to be in the arms of the electrified accompaniment. It sounds delicious. Undoubtedly, this work will give even more confidence to the steps of the Canadian at the foot of the Olympus of the world electronic scene.

5. Kate Boy – One

Back when the promising EPs from these Swedes were coming out, I looked forward to guessing that their debut album would definitely make my ears happy. And as it turned out, it did. “One” even surpassed my expectations. Its charismatic sound was so cheesy that my sneakers were tapping at the rhythm of the melodies I heard here pretty long period after hearing it.

6. Young Wonder – Birth

It’s a shame that I’d never heard of these Irish guys before I knew this album. But when I tasted “Birth,” Young Wonder was a pleasant discovery for me. In my memory, no one has ever used folk instruments so competently in the modern electronic industry. By listening to it, I got the impression that if you replace vintage instruments with more modern ones, the sound will lose its charisma. Therefore, the release turned out to be more than worthy, and I recommend that everyone get acquainted with its unconventional melodies.

7. Kristine – Kristine

It’s not an album. It’s a small time machine that takes us back to the eighties. When you turn on this work, then, having closed your eyes, you can feel this era. It’s like if to look through a window, and you will see the summer of 1989 on the street. So “Kristine” is a great release.

8. Purity Ring – Another Eternity

In my opinion, the second studio work of the Canadians came out even better than their debut one. Here, the pure and deep lower frequency spectrum is harmoniously combined with sensual vocals, which are seasoned with powerful synths. All this mix creates a unique atmosphere of their creations, which fascinates the ears from the very first moments.

9. Tamaryn – Cranekiss

Tamaryn has released the thing that reveals the Dream Pop in all its best sides. If you ever want to know how it feels when you fly over the scenic horizon, you just need to play “Cranekiss.” I put this one among the best 2015 albums since it brings unique emotions. It feels like intuitive wings that grow at your back and take you to the special places where people feel truly happy.

10. Big Data – 2.0

As you can see, Big Data didn’t change their logic of creating album titles and once again decided not to try too hard thinking about the new album’s title name. However, I can’t say the same about the work. It’s an exciting journey full of collaborations with incredible artists.

2015 Albums: Top 10 by Genres

And for dessert, I propose you a walk through the different styles. I created a list of the ten most interesting representatives of its genre for each direction.

Synthpop/New Wave

  1. CHVRCHES – Every Open Eye
  2. Vanbot – Perfect Storm
  3. Kate Boy – One
  4. New Order – Music Complete
  5. Metric – Pagans in Vegas
  6. Alcoholic Faith Mission – Orbitor
  7. A-Ha – Cast In Steel
  8. Cinnamon Chasers – Great Escape
  9. Duran Duran – Paper Gods
  10. Camouflage – Greyscale


  1. Timecop1983 – Reflections
  2. Kristine – Kristine
  3. Waveshaper – Exploration 84
  4. Trevor Something – Death Dream
  5. Betamaxx – Plug & Play
  7. Highway Superstar – Endgame
  8. Mitch Murder – Selection 3
  9. Ex-​Machina – Transhuman
  10. Danger Mode – Activation


  1. Jean Tonique – You
  2. Desired – Lovestory
  3. Skylar Spence – Prom King
  4. Kill Paris – Galaxies Between Us
  5. コンシャスTHOUGHTS – Sun, Sea and Surfing


  1. Brooklyn Funk Essentials – Funk Ain’t Ova
  2. Jimmy Somerville – Homage
  3. Moullinex – Elsewhere
  4. AM & Shawn Lee – Outlines
  5. Afternoons In Stereo – Retrospective
Nu-Disco / Vaporwave


  1. Young Wonder – Birth
  2. Purity Ring – Another Eternity
  3. Flava D – More Love
  4. Mind.In.A.Box – Memories
  5. Jean-Michel Jarre – Electronica 1: The Time Machine
  6. The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy
  7. Chemical Brothers – Born In The Echoes
  8. Groove Armada – Little Black Book
  9. Nero – Between II Worlds
  10. Above And Beyond – We Are All We Need

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  1. Allie X – CollXtion I
  2. Miami Horror – All Possible Futures
  3. Big Data – 2.0
  4. Crazy P – Walk Dance Talk Sing
  5. Avicii – Stories
  6. Giorgio Moroder – Déjà Vu
  7. Gems – Kill the One You Love
  8. Galantis – Pharmacy
  9. Swiss Lips – Swiss Lips
  10. Monarchy – Re|Vision

Dream Pop/Pop

  1. Tamaryn – Cranekiss
  2. Tove Styrke – Kiddo
  3. Hurts – Surrender
  4. Princess Chelsea – The Great Cybernetic Depression
  5. Keep Shelly In Athens – Now I’m Ready
  6. LEMOLO – Red Right Return
  7. Seoul – I Become A Shade
  8. Simply Red – Big Love
  9. Enya – Dark Sky Island
  10. Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon
Dream Pop / Pop


  1. Seal – 7
  2. Lianne La Havas – Blood
  3. Selah Sue – Reason
  4. Gavin Turek & TOKiMONSTA – You’re Invited
  5. Christian Scott – Stretch Music
  6. Nneka – My Fairy Tales
  7. Adele – 25
  8. Quintet Silsila – Désert du Thar
  9. The New Mastersounds – Made for Pleasure
  10. Mocky – Key Change
Soul / Jazz


  1. Best Coast – California Nights
  2. Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams
  3. Muse – Drones
  4. FFS – FFS
  5. Blur – The Magic Whip
  6. The Wombats – Glitterbug
  7. Scorpions – Return to Forever
  8. David Gilmour – Rattle That Lock
  9. Stereophonics – Keep The Village Alive
  10. MS MR – How Does It Feel
Indie / Rock

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