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I doubt that anyone would dispute my opinion that there were the most interesting devices back in the zeros. In that decade, designers were full of ideas and experimented a lot. Today, their work looks more like trivial attempts to put a big screen on the front side of a smartphone. Fortunately, this was not always the case.

In this article, I want to remind you of those bright times when our electronic friends were truly unique. They had soul and beauty, not just functionality. Every novelty was something special. Let’s take a look at some of the ones I remember most.

They have their own zest that makes it hard not to recognize them. The most encouraging thing is that the developers focused on different aspects. In today’s list, you will see both top flagships and quite modest devices, which managed to win customers’ trust despite the lack of dizzying specifications.


10. Nokia 3310

Let’s start with the most powerful of the 2000s phones. However, by the term “powerful” in this context, I mean the stereotype that this gadget can crush anything. There are rumors about how this monster smashed the rocks into small stones after colliding. Friends, what do you think? Is it true or a myth? 🙂

In addition to such serious advantages, the device has flaws. For example, it doesn’t run many of the games for Java. Despite this, the default Snake became famous thanks to this phone. So although the Nokia 3310 is modest in terms of functionality, it managed to become an unqualified legend.

9. Nokia 7610

Now I suggest that we move on to such an important aspect as the beauty of the design. In the 2000s, many manufacturers tried to make their devices memorable. In the case of Nokia, the Finns decided to create a smartphone with a funny keyboard. It was not very convenient for new users to play games for Symbian OS. However, once they got used to the device, all the controls became very friendly.

Nokia 7610 was an ordinary smartphone based on Symbian OS in other elements. And that means that its owner carried a small computer in their pocket. That, unlike a PDA, could also make calls. It was an excellent choice for young guys who wanted to try something new and previously unseen.

8. Motorola E398

The next aspect we will touch on is music playback. No matter what genre you prefer, each of them sounds great with Motorola E398: electronica, hip-hop, rock, and pop. Americans have worked hard to make their creation boast stunning quality stereo speakers. Plus, the sound in the headphones was also pleasing.

This model can be considered one of the first phones that its creators positioned as a device for music listening. It inspired Motorola to create an entire series called ROKR. Its lineup included gadgets that could bring a zest to the process of listening to beloved songs.

7. Nokia 6300

The famous stainless steel beauty appears in front of us under number 7. It can be called the epitome of the S40 of the second half of the zeros. Few devices among the 2000s phones can boast such high popularity — worth acknowledging that the gadget fully deserved it.

Nokia 6300 is a combination of simplicity and elegance. People of absolutely all ages have used it. No matter what environment its owner was in, it always looked harmonious. And thanks to its universal design, they could combine it with different clothing styles.

6. Sony Ericsson K750i

It’s hard to count how many great 2000s games this phone has seen. Indeed, usually, fans of mobile entertainment bought it. Among them, those apps were a key element. A convenient keyboard allowed users of the Sony Ericsson K750i to play games and write SMS completely freely.

As for other device features, I would like to highlight the camera. In the middle of the zeros, this device used to take very high-quality pictures. You could use it to take shots of various events. And it’s not a fact that many people at the time could distinguish between the images taken with a regular camera and those made by this phone.

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5. Nokia N70

The hero of these lines became one of the main promoters of the Symbian OS. The Finns created a robust device in every aspect — starting with savoring games and ending with features for communication. So the Nokia N70 was interesting for teenagers and business people equally.

At the time of its debut, this device was one of the most coveted phones from Nokia. The audience was impressed by its high functionality and smooth design. Thanks to this Nokia N70 went down in history as one of the best-selling smartphones of the 2000s.

4. Motorola RAZR V3

If today Motorola is trying to capitalize on our nostalgia with a reincarnation of the RAZR, then the company delivered its classic version to the market with a less mercantile purpose. It didn’t cost $2,000 (like the fresh one), but four times cheaper. That’s why people loved it so much.

This is a unique device that looks as elegant as possible. The thin case didn’t prevent the Americans from equipping the machine with a large 2.2-inch display. Apps for the Java platform looked great on it. I especially like the large keyboard, which is very convenient for typing. Since I am a writer, I am very meticulous about these nuances.

3. iPhone

We all remember very well the presentation that Steve Jobs made in 2007. Many speakers are still trying to talk in his manner to this day. This kind of imitation makes me smile because the only way to achieve real success is to use your own style.

iPhone is a revolutionary from the world of 2000s phones. It changed the way people think about what their devices should be. The fact that Apple’s creation is still one of the major players in the smartphone industry is breathtaking. It shows the foundation’s strength that Jobs laid back in the zeros.

2. Nokia N-Gage / Nokia N-Gage QD

Yes, two devices take second place. Both of them represent the same idea. It lies in the fact that Nokia wanted to make a sensation in its industry for a long time. And they planned to do it with a compact game console, which will combine a computer and a phone. It became a smartphone based on the N-Gage platform.

First, the Finns released the Nokia N-Gage and the Nokia N-Gage QD six months later. I already told you earlier which model is better. As for the games for N-Gage, they are delightful. Unfortunately, the project hasn’t achieved the recognition it truly deserves. However, I consider it the brightest phenomenon in the mobile gaming area of the 2000s. That’s why these devices from Nokia ranked so high on my list.

1. Nokia 6630

The winner in today’s competition was the first smartphone with 3G support. It was also a pioneer among devices based on Symbian OS 8.0a. I consider this version of the operating system the best in its history. Plus, the Nokia 6630 keyboard is a benchmark. Having a compact size, it was ultra-convenient.

I think this model is the pinnacle of Nokia’s development. Let me argue my choice by two criteria – the relevance of innovation and the dedication of the developers. As time has shown, in Nokia 6630, the Finns maximized the potential of the available opportunities. It is a masterpiece from the universe of smart devices, which is not as famous as I would like it to be.

However, I created the Smart2000s project to remind the world of valuable facts. You can call it my version of the Ford v. Ferrari movie if you like. Here, my articles focus on slightly forgotten heroes worth the audience’s attention. So it doesn’t matter how time affects the popularity of things or personalities. What matters is how they look from the inside out.

I hope today’s material has opened up some exciting moments from the 2000s era that you didn’t know before. Friends, I wish you good health and find even more exciting new secrets. My future articles will help you in this quest. See you soon!

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