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Here it is – the most successful creation in the history of Sony Ericsson. This phone was the most popular among students and schoolchildren in the middle of the zeros. The solid appearance of the device also attracted adult users.

Sony Ericsson K750i is one of the symbols of its time. Many classes have ceased to be boring, thanks to this device. And even more, games have been played on it. Friends, I invite you to remember the old days and enjoy the sweet feeling of nostalgia. Let’s go!



Our hero is the ideological successor of the no less legendary Sony Ericsson K700. It took over not only the form-factor but also the design style from the latter. It especially concerns the front side of the device. It boasts small but convenient controls. The only exception is the joystick, which is quite delicate in terms of reliability, as in most devices from this brand.

The classic coloring for the Sony Ericsson K750i is black with silver trim on the edges. And I am immediately impressed by the beautiful camera cover, which had also made of silver-colored plastic.

Technical Specifications

Even if you look at the switched-off device, it is already clear that the developers emphasize the camera. Of course, it is the flagship of the Cyber-Shot lineup and has a two-megapixel matrix. The autofocus and flash complement the loud description. The camera took decent photos, as for its time.

You can save images on a Memory Stick Pro Duo memory card. There is also 34 MB of internal memory onboard. By the way, quite a good amount as for a usual phone from 2005. As for the display, there is a fairly high-quality TFT screen with a resolution of 176Ă—220 pixels and a diagonal of 1.8 inches. The Sony Ericsson phones gold standard in those years.

Gaming Opportunities

Yes, Sony Ericsson K750i is not a smartphone. Yes, it only supports Java games. But tell that to its owners, who didn’t get discouraged and spent a lot of time with their favorite apps. It’s unlikely any of them will object that it was the most carefree and fun time of their lives.

Incidentally, it is not superfluous to mention in this phone review that many releases support multiplayer via Bluetooth. It seems that the record for the use of such applications belongs to the owners of this particular model. Because, as my experience shows, K750i had usually bought by sociable people. They appreciated being able to enjoy this kind of entertainment with friends.


The Sony Ericsson phone sounds excellent through headphones and also generates good sound via an external speaker. In addition to the excellent default MP3 player, the device has an FM radio application. You can also watch videos in 3gp and Mpeg-4 formats using the built-in video player.

For those who like to experiment with media files, there were applications a la PhotoDJ, MusicDJ, and VideoDJ. Respectively, you could edit photos, music, and video clips in them.

Means of Communications

The device has a complete “gentleman’s kit”: GPRS, Bluetooth, IR, and USB ports. It lacks only 3G or Edge for full stuffing, but in 2005 not even every smartphone had such luxury.

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Battery Life

The original battery had a capacity of 900 mAh. It was enough for two days of intensive use. In thrifty mode, the user can easily stretch this indicator to four or five days.


The mobile world will not soon forget the Sony Ericsson K750i. In its time, the phone rocked the market. I wonder if, in 15-20 years, people will be doing similar reviews of today’s phones. No offense to fans of modern electronics, but it seems to me that unlikely it will happen.

I mean articles that touch the soul of the device and evoke a sense of nostalgia. It is noticeable that developers approached the phone design with enthusiasm and in a unique way. It is not today’s clone conveyor belt. Thanks for being with me today, friends. See you in new materials!

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