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For many years now, melodramas have been one of the classic genres of cinema. As is typical of such Hollywood pictures, my today’s guest is geared toward a female audience and has a romantic flavor.

The film perfectly shows the atmosphere of the times of the turn of the millennium. I remember my mom liking the What Women Want movie when I was in junior school. I found many things incomprehensible to me, but over time I caught the essence. And I also managed to interpret it in my own way, with my vision of psychology. So stay with me, friends. It will be interesting.



Obviously, the role of the protagonist of such kinds of comedies needed an actor who women adore. The creators found one in the person of Mel Gibson and were not mistaken. He got into the image of Nick as if he were him.

In fact, the whole picture revolves around him. That is why there are not so many other important characters. Ashley Johnson embodied his daughter Alexandra. And Gibson’s work rival, Darcy McGuire, was played by Helen Hunt.


The main musical theme of the picture is a composition called “B*tch,” sung by Meredith Brooks. Although I wouldn’t say I like the lyrics now, I had no idea what the girl on the speakers was singing about when I was a kid. So I enjoyed the harmony and melody, which is pretty good here.

Moreover, the song perfectly brings out the emotional colors at the very climax of Mel Gibson’s “woman’s torment.”Interestingly, the song became the only hit of its author, and still, Brooks performs it at concerts. Without exaggeration, it is her calling card in the world of music.

This song is like the embodiment of the film’s overall soundtrack. It is a mix of pop and rock. Among the other interesting singers are presented the legendary Frank Sinatra and Christina Aguilera. The cherry on the cake is “I See You Baby” by one of my favorite electronic bands, Groove Armada.

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Nick is an old-time heartbreaker who still hasn’t found the lady they would make a perfect match. He has excelled at learning how to interest women in the early stages of dating. However, this man is not much of a marathon runner. One day he wakes up with that superpower that many men dream of for a long time. It’s reading women’s minds, of course. But the hero himself does not like such a twist of fate, and he tries to get rid of his sudden bonus.

However, the psychologist dissuades Nick from such a frivolous initiative. And the motive was that Freud died without solving the only mystery – what women want. The screenwriters had their version of the solution to this question. They also tried to instill in the audience that the film’s hero is the pinnacle of male hierarchy, but I don’t get that impression from him. He does not look like a leader. He is more of an infantile womanizer, no more than that.

So we have the question, “What do women want?” The answer from the filmmakers lies in their creation. However, a philosopher like me would never refuse to reflect in his article on such an original topic. So as a bonus, I want to share my response in this review of one of the best 2000s comedy movies. Of course, I am not a luminary in history or psychology. However, it seems to me that the answer is a little different from the one shown in the picture. For me, everything is obvious.

Women want to feel that a worthy partner loves them. And everyone has her own vision of what that person should be like, no doubt about that. It applies both to external characteristics and to the inner filling of the soul. Men want the same thing. Although everybody has unique preferences about the previously mentioned parameters, I am sure that we would like to see a successful person next to us. 

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Box offices collected more than five times the amount of money invested in the creation of the picture. It also received several nominations at various film festivals. But its primary merit is the way it gives you an unfamiliar perspective on the world.

Well, friends, that’s the end of my story about what women want. I would be glad if you like my thoughts. See you in new materials!

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