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It’s no secret that the 2000s is the last decade of rock’s reign in its competition with rap for audience popularity. Today I offer you a look at the decade’s sunset album, which incorporates the best elements of the genre. It’s got emotion, sense, and melody. So let’s see this miracle!

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The average English native speaker recognizes a representative of the Slavs in rather complex sentences. Their structure screams, “Slaaaaaavs! Slaaaaavs!!!”. Okay, friends. Get ready for one of these creations. And who is not prepared to read the strange thoughts of the Ukrainian who is now writing these lines – please skip the next paragraph.

Imagine a CD player that you could type words into and produce music that most accurately reflected the essence of the written term. Have you done it? Good. And now it teleported to a parallel universe, where everything is the opposite. So, I’m sure our ears would have visited by some tracks from the “Awake” album if we enter the word “boring” in there.

Everything is present here – the dynamics, the energy, and even the unique charm that makes us feel that it is the grandson of rock’n’roll. What makes the disc even more remarkable is its charge of willful optimism. At least, that’s how I would describe its nature.

As for the instrumental filling itself, the cello and the violin played not a minor role here. Yes, this combination is not new for rock music, but you can’t call it regularly on every second record either. But in terms of harmonious implementation of these instruments in the atmosphere of the work – I give it a solid “A.”

I was no less pleased with the changeability of mood and essence of the compositions as the singles from the album show – from hero to monster is only one step. Besides that, I’d like to notice the change of leading vocals from female (Jen Ledger) to male (John Cooper) and vice versa several times in one composition. I like this approach to the arrangement very much.


Many Skillet fans are probably acquainted with them because of the single “Whispers in the Dark,” a big hit of 2007. However, I wasn’t one of those guys. First time I heard about this Memphis-based band when I was watching one of the WWE episodes. Their track “Hero” was the main theme of the promo video for the Royal Rumble. Since it was the peak of my attention to the sport, I heard this song with impressive regularity.

It brought good feedback from the fans, and WWE management once again decided to use the work of the band Skillet. This time musicians pampered the ears of wrestling fans with the “Monster.” It is another single from the “Awake” album. Thematically, the main composition of the long play is “Awake and Alive.” I downloaded it from the net because Ukrainian music channels didn’t play it as much as I wanted. In my opinion, it’s one of the best 2000s songs.

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Zest Of The Album

The record is notable because it opened the Christian rock for me. While I had previously considered this kind of genre somewhat distant to my musical tastes, the sound of “Awake” convinced me just how awesome it could be. Plus, symphonic rock has been flying around for a long time in my thoughts about what syle to discover next. Now, I hope you also have a desire to dive into such a sweet-sounding genre.

In Total

Even if you’re not a lover of alternative music, I still advise you to savor this record from Skillet. At least because of its audacity to break the stereotype of “boring” tunes featuring cello and violin. So, as a music fan with a passion for looking at entirely different poles of the industry, I state the addition in the ranks of Apocalyptica and Lindsay Stirling.

So how did you folks like our new immersion into the wilds of music? There will be even more in the future! So I’m not saying goodbye, but remind you that the zeros haven’t passed. They just moved to Smart2000s. Good luck!

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